“We are in a tough demand market”

“I think the global impact of the last two years has been a huge challenge not only to our day -to -day customers, but to us as a whole and to our entire industry. with people in serious financial crisis, and insurers are increasing their attention to claims, and so our advice to consumers about coverage and preparation is very important. Meeting requirements.

According to Greer, who lived with Find a Discussion Area members for half a year now, the demands of labor disputes, criminal or fraudulent fraud, and cybercrime have increased.

“Kiwi’s standard‘ she’ll be right ’isn’t enough to handle problems in these three areas,” the claims and problem head said. “The current economy is threatening businesses with expectations on BAU (industry as usual) requirements, such as the commercial vehicle.”

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In Greer’s view, as with the areas of underwriting and binding, handling claims also requires a special skill.

He explained: “The complainant is the gatekeeper, who ensures the correct interpretation of the policy. Having this information has been very helpful in my opinion. [current] the right to act as a bridge, or transfer of knowledge, education, and communication between the insurer and the customer. In the aftermath of the earthquake/COVID and the current online platform, more and more consumers are paying close attention to the problem and want to educate themselves on business issues, insurance coverage, and more. crisis management.

“The policy is the basis or the coverage agreement, but the actual claim process – what documents are needed, what are the opportunities, what’s in the future – is the driving force behind the coverage. program to all stakeholders, crisis management, loss mitigation, and crisis management are all areas of instruction required. [by] customers. “

Greer reported that he had difficult counseling to bring his business knowledge to the table, he was more free to work with clients and beyond the word, despite difficult times and challenges. .

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“A claim cannot be made without proper knowledge, education, advice, policy words, and insurance,” he said. Insurance Industry. “My most important thing is communication and education – working with a customer who wants to understand their own business problem, get the right advice, understand what we can change in a policy. Insurance, what we can reduce, and how common policies support them.Communication is key.

As a matter of fact, CEO Donaldson Brown said: “Ideally, I like to think we’re going back to normal, and my new idea is to support our customer to come back. in their business, including the development of sustainable development, and mitigation measures in critical areas such as crime, cyber, and navigation.

In fact, he said, having skilled workers will continue to have the impact. Greer, who believed that “everyone learns the requirements in practice,” pointed to the need for people at higher levels or leadership to be given the opportunity to learn the basics. their friends do not know.

“We will continue to innovate and work together to support our customer,” Greer said. “Despite some difficult times, I always appreciate those appellants, auditors, regulators, and attorneys who work with us to achieve a solution for the client despite their stress. I encourage more people to choose requirements as a profession, which means we see more people wanting to help a customer and increase technical knowledge and skills.

“We are in a tough demand market”

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