Wangarei Civic Center-Canam Construction

Wangarei districtThe new Citizens’ Building is the result of a truly collaborative process, said Alan Adcock, general manager of the company and project sponsor of the Citizens Center project. From the beginning, he says, the project was treated in an unusual way to reflect this approach.

The project has been in place for some time, and even identifying the right site turned out to be difficult for the council, and eventually realized that it needed expert help.

According to Alan, this allowed the council to find the right team to work with before it was ready to start the project.

“Due to these uncertainties, the usual concept, and design and construction paths were impossible.

“Therefore, we asked the contractors to put the team together to bid on the contract, so we chose the team instead of a single contractor as usual,” he explains.

Part of the process was to invite each finalist team to meet with the council to attend several workshops.

Alain says the goal was to determine how the team worked and whether it fits the style of the council.

At the same time, another similar process was undertaken to find the right principal agent to effectively act as the project manager for development.

“It was the case, don’t tell us, show us how you work,” he says.

“The purpose was to identify a team that was compatible with the right culture. Since the start of the project, local Hap has been involved and a governance group called Roupu Kaumatua has been working with us. Believe it or not. It worked as well as it did. “

resulting in, Kanam construction The team won the contract, Avery Team Architects I designed the building.

The first design process took place during the Covid-19 blockade by Zoom. Alain says this had an advantage.

“The team couldn’t work on other client sites as usual, so we paid close attention to them.

“This helped things go faster and allowed us to identify issues that would normally have been addressed later.”

Whangārei is famous for its tricky ground conditions, so in addition to regular ground surveys, we drilled holes everywhere we plan to place piles, basically as a way to mitigate the risk of the project.

“There are three different geotechnical zones on the premises, so we went in with our eyes wide open, that is, we had the right gear on site ready to put each mountain.

“As a result of Covid-19, the logistics chain has been strengthened around the world, so we knew exactly what we could expect, so we were able to pre-order steel and stockpile it immediately.

When completed, the Citizen’s Building will be a well-equipped, modern, purposeful central hub for municipal activities.

According to Alan, the council enlarged its current facility about 20 years ago and has been struggling to get it right since then. The council, which is expected to continue to grow in population, needs to provide a central location for the community and support its staff to bring results to the district, he says.

“First and foremost, the Civic Center is about bringing our team together in one building so that we can serve the community more efficiently,” he says.

One of the key objectives was to consider how social and environmental sustainability could be incorporated into the project.

For example, with a focus on hiring locals, Alain states that the project is the starting point for the construction of Kanam to establish a permanent business in Wangalei.

The project currently has 84% ​​of local contractors, suppliers and consultants in the field.

For example, a local consultant, Cato Bolam, worked for the Whangārei District Council as a local civil engineering expert to design and provide the rainwater and foundation elements for the project.

“Low impact earthwork and stormwater design within this complex flood and stormwater catchment area recognizes environmental sensitivity, cultural value and a long-term sustainable economic solution for the Wangalay District Council and the new Civic Center. To provide.

As a land development advisory company passionate about creating great places and environments Katoboram The engineering team has given the project and landscape architect the confidence to bring this important asset to the Wangarei community. ” Katoboram Directed by Michelle Bain.

Important partnership with NorthTec It was also established to ensure that at least 10% of all workers in the field (projects currently average 15%) are local apprentices or trainees.

“That is, one in ten people working in a new civilian building will either learn a new trade or gain practical experience in the trade they are currently studying,” says Alain. “In fact, the team already has a lot of local businesses, and the intention is to use other local transactions (tiling, painting, etc.) as practically as possible.” Somehow, for this project Will continue to employ many locals, “he says.

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Wangarei Civic Center-Canam Construction

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