Vanessa Bryant blames Meek Mill’s “rude” Kobe helicopter lyrics

Vanessa Bryant was hurt by Meek Mill’s controversial lyrics (Photo: Getty Images)

Vanessa Bryant Branded Meek Mill as “very rude” for his insensitive lyrics about her late husband Kobe BryantHelicopter crash.

Earlier this month, an excerpt of Meek’s song with Lil Baby leaked to social media and featured him. Mention a helicopter crash It killed Kobe, 41, his 13-year-old daughter Janna and seven others in January 2020.

Meek raps: “If I’m not enough, I’ll go out with a chopper. It’s another Kobe.”

Vanessa, 38, is currently working on a controversial policy and asked Meek, 33, for clarification.

In the Instagram story, the three mothers wrote: ‘@ Meekmill, I think this line is very insensitive and rude. Limit.

“I’m not familiar with your music, but I believe you can do better than this. If you’re a fan, fine, there’s a better way to show your admiration to my husband There is.

She added: “This lacks respect and tact.”

Vanessa called Meek about the controversial lyrics (Photo: @ vanessabryant, Instagram)

Meek didn’t respond directly to Vanessa, but happened to tweet a few minutes after her post.

“People at Aeon Trust have to play it live …”

However, Meek’s followers counterattacked the rapper because they seemed again insensitive to Vanessa and her family.

“This is not how you react to a widow who says your lyrics are rude to her husband,” one replied.

Another criticism:’It’s been less than 20 minutes since Vanessa Bryant made her post. You need to apologize for Meek.

Kobe and Janna died in a helicopter crash in January 2020 (Photo: Getty Images)

“I hope this is not a reaction to Kobe Bryant. [sic] If so, your wife is wild, “another responded.

Another Twitter user has joined:’F ** k Family Feelings? Sad and meek outing. ”

After the truck was first leaked, Meek appears to be dealing with the controversy, writing in a Twitter post: All internet antiques can’t stop me … s ** t like zombie land or something! Lol.

“They are paying to influence you” Now … it’s like the “awakening” of mind control [sic].. ”

Last month, fans around the world celebrated the first anniversary of the deaths of Kobe and Janna. They are survived by Vanessa and her three other daughters Natalia (18), Bianca (4) and Capri (1).

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Vanessa Bryant blames Meek Mill's "rude" Kobe helicopter lyrics

Source link Vanessa Bryant blames Meek Mill's "rude" Kobe helicopter lyrics

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