Urine is free of bacteria

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Friday, April 3, 2015 (HealthDay News)-Urine is generally believed to be free of bacteria, but normal urine is not sterile, new research has discovered.

“Clinicians previously equated the presence of bacteria in the urine with infections. The discovery of bacteria in the urine of healthy women provides an opportunity to gain a better understanding of bladder health and illness. “Research author Alan Wolff, a professor of the Faculty of Microbiology, said. Immunology at Loyola University Chicago Strich School of Medicine states in a university news release.

Instead of collecting urine samples from a woman’s urine flow, researchers used a catheter to collect urine directly from the bladder.

Testing this way revealed the presence of bacteria in the urine collected from the bladder of healthy women. Researchers have also discovered that some of these bacteria can contribute to urine leakage and loss of bladder control (incontinence).

In addition, the study found that certain bacteria are common in women. Urinary incontinence...

“Traditional urine cultures have been the gold standard for identifying urinary disorders in the past, but they do not detect most bacteria, resulting in limited usefulness.” These were used in this study. It’s not as comprehensive as the inspection techniques used, “Wolf explained. ..

“Physicians and researchers must reassess their assumptions surrounding the causes of lower urinary tract disorders and consider new approaches to prevent and treat these debilitating health problems,” Wolff said. Told.

This study was recently published in a journal Urology in Europe..

“If we can determine that the bacteria of choice cause a variety of lower urinary tract symptoms, we may be able to better identify and treat women at risk more effectively,” said study co-author Royola. Dr. Linda Brubaker, Dean and Chief Diversity Officer, said. The University of Chicago Strich School of Medicine said in a news release.

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Source: Loyola University Health System, News Release, March 30, 2015

Urine is free of bacteria

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