Up-and-coming Texas singer Lucky is alive and still singing the blues

Thursday, February 21, 2019 (USA heart Association News)-A few years ago, Texas country blues singer Charley Crockett wrote “How long will it last” about uncertain romance.He knew little that the title of the song also applies to his struggle Heart disease..

“The cardiologist determined that I was a year away. heart failure“I was really, really lucky to find out what was wrong with me,” said a 34-year-old musician.

Crockett, a descendant of folk hero David Crockett, was born with a heart rhythm disorder called Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome, Or WPW.He spent a month in the hospital NewbornHowever, he lived most of his life without major complications.

But as his career got off to a good start, so did his health problems.He felt Malaise, Dyspnea And dizzy To the point where it sometimes blacks out.

At first he wrote it in chalk for years stress Life as a traveling musician. After growing up in a trailer park in South Texas, he rode his twenties on rails, slept in the park, and played for a spare replacement of a New York City subway car. By 2016 Rolling stone His work and travel schedule, which called him one of the “10 Artists to Know”, has begun in earnest.

“I was living really hard,” he said. “I was scared of being out of breath, but I didn’t want to talk. He was a pretty stubborn guy and didn’t want to be a problem.”

That was a problem, but it was a coincidence.When Crockett sought medical advice for restoration last year herniaHe listed WPW in his medical history and urged doctors to send him to a cardiologist as a precautionary measure for surgery.It was only then that Crockett knew he also had a tricuspid valve. Aortic valve Stenosis is a combination of two instead of the three aortic valves for blood flow.

An estimated 1.4% of the population is born with the bicuspid valve Aortic valve The stenosis, but the croquet condition had progressed to a dangerous point. His valve was leaking blood and required valve replacement.

After investigating this issue and consulting with Austin’s cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Faraz Kerendi, Crockett undergoes an open heart surgery to replace his defective valve with a bioprosthetic valve made from bovine tissue. I chose that.

While mechanical valves tend to last longer, Crockett chose bovine tissue valves for carrier reasons. He doesn’t have to take anticoagulants for the rest of his life, so he could damper his enthusiastic performance style.

“I play straight for 90 minutes each night and dance on stage, but I can’t actively use anticoagulants. That made a lot of sense to me,” said Crockett on his latest album, “Lonesome As A Shadow.” Is talking.Has a national reputation, including the story of Billboard It compared his song “Ain’t Gotta Worry Child” with the music of the soul legend Curtis Mayfield. “I really had to do my research and quarterback everything …. I realized that the patient’s consciousness was everything.”

Crockett has been resting at home in Austin since the surgery on January 22nd. Recovery was difficult for musicians on the go, said girlfriend Liza Lenny.

“Charlie naturally has all this energy, so learning how to slow down was a challenge for him,” she said. “The doctor told him he had surgery at 65 percent (before surgery). I said,” Oh, my goodness! What will happen to him after that? “

Crockett has agreed to take a break until April when he travels to California to play Coachella’s country-oriented sister event, the Stage Coach Festival. In July, she will perform at the famous Newport Folk Festival.

By then, he is ready to sing a song from his new album, which he recorded just before the surgery.

“I was really worried about the outcome of the surgery, and all that heavy emotion really moved to tape,” he said.

The new song contains the autobiographical story “The Valley” and the lyrics say “Now you know my story / you must have something like that / the curse is a blessing May / There is nothing else you can do. “

“That’s how I see this surgery as this huge blessing. It’s something like this: Cow valve in your heart!! This was necessary to realize that I had to put my health and well-being first, “he said with a laugh.

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In the United States, one-quarter of deaths are caused by heart disease.
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Up-and-coming Texas singer Lucky is alive and still singing the blues

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