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The attractive biometric technology part of the Genesis GV60.

Which personal electronics has the smartness of facial recognition and fingerprint recognition … and isn’t it your phone?

It’s a car. A car that can reintroduce Hyundai’s luxury Genesis to New Zealand next year.

We recently announced the car itself – in summary, it’s a medium-sized 5-door based on the same platform, and I like the same powertrain options that Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 Electric filters New Zealand showrooms – Genesis. Are now starting to share some of the cool features that come with it.

Basically, they aimed to make the model a car cell phone.

In that respect, it provides owners with breakthrough biometric technology.

So-called “Face Connect” is recognition software that provides keyless access to a car, much like scanning the owner’s face to unlock the smartphone.

You can register up to two faces in the vehicle by opening the car door using a near-infrared camera and deep learning technology.

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This does not mean that you do not have the key. Of course, the car provisions one of them in a smart way, but the Face Connect system allows you to lock the door even if the key is inside, so you can operate without one.

The system can also trigger the memory features of the driver’s seat, steering wheel and heads-up display to bring everything back to the owner’s taste when entering the cabin.

Face recognition draws you in. The GV60 has a “fingerprint authentication system” to start the car when the keys are not physically in close proximity.

Genesis also announces the ability to provide OTA updates for integrated control devices, suspensions, brakes, steering wheels, and airbags in addition to existing navigation, digital clusters, and heads, and features that can be updated wirelessly. Did. The display function is improved.

There’s another phone-like trick that the GV60 is configured to support, but for now it’s the only example sold in South Korea: wireless charging.

Basically, the car can be driven and charged on supported wireless pads. The hardware is provided by WiTricity, a wireless charging company in the United States.

Rather designed as an overnight refill, it takes about 6 hours to fully charge the GV60’s battery, compared to 10 hours with a traditional wall charger.

GENESISGV60 (DesignStory)-09.jpg

WiTricity’s technology uses magnetic resonance to allow current to flow in the magnetic field between the source and receiver. It charges at a rate of 3.6-11kW.

Hyundai NZ hasn’t fully confirmed that it will release the GV60, but this drops a big hint that the car is in its sight. It is said that the revival of Genesis has been coveted in the past, but it is also said that electric vehicles are indispensable for achieving this. Genesis has two orthodox fossil fuel model electric versions, but the GV60 is a big headline. It will be in Australia in the first half of 2022.








Unlock and touch to move

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