United Capital Announces Post-Lockdown Acquisition

United Capital reports a post-lockdown takeover boom as the pipeline swells to over £ 1 billion.

United Capital boom

United Capital, an investment firm specializing in fragmented UK integration Building services and facility management departmentHas doubled its total pipeline to over £ 1bn in the last four weeks as lockdown restrictions continue to be relaxed across the UK, resulting in a surge in certain acquisition targets with the company. I am reporting that I am doing it.

With offices in London, Edinburgh and the United Arab Emirates, the specialized investment group is now two years old from the start of its five-year buy-and-build program and will generate 500 million group sales by 2024. We are acquiring the building services business to grow to the pound.

Leanne Carling, M & A Director, commented: “Progress seemed frustratingly slow during the new coronavirus, especially for those of us accustomed to working at a pace, but the activity of the last four weeks has been extraordinary. How much the UK M & A market can more than double the trading pipeline, more than £ 1 billion after filtering, because it thoroughly filters the trading opportunities that have been traded and has very strict acquisition criteria. Shows how active it is after lockdown. “

Global impact

Globally M & A market The UK construction sector continues to feel the impact of the pandemic, leading to an increase in the number of sales, group restructurings, mergers and liquidations.

Leanne Carling added: “Many of the executives we talk to face uncertainty and feel the value and stability of joining a larger group to take their business to the next level or drive withdrawal. We deal directly with sellers to sign contracts to bring their business into a rapidly expanding group, supporting their personal and professional aspirations, and, importantly, me. Act quickly. “

United Capital is targeted at well-managed and profitable building services and facility management companies operating in the United Kingdom with sales of £ 10 to £ 70m.

United Capital Announces Post-Lockdown Acquisition

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