Ulrika Johnson sent a blatant photo by a young man in “Brutal” The Tinder

Ulrika Johnson sent a blatant photo from a young man at The Tinder

Ulrika Johnson called the dating app “brutal” after a bunch of blatant snaps from a young man and ruled out finding love on Tinder.

The presenter, 53, was encouraged by her best friend and, after remembering her experience, decided to date online during the blockade. She came to the conclusion that some of the guys there “have lost the ability to give proper respect.”

Convinced that most people online want “immediate satisfaction,” Ulrika sent multiple rude snaps from a young man after starting a conversation with a young man during a stint on Tinder. It was revealed that it was done.

Write for Sun, Ulrika – A person who separated from her husband Brian Monet in 2019 -After discovering a lack of social interaction during the coronavirus blockade “tough,” she explained that she turned to dating apps.

Calling herself “technophobia” and “old-fashioned,” Ulrika always stopped launching herself on The Tinder, but after being persuaded in other ways, she threw herself in. I was looking for a toy boy – Set the match age range to 26-50.

“My oldest kid, Cameron, is 26 and finds it a little tricky to throw my nets at young fish,” she joked.

Ulrika said the use of Tinder is “brutal” but “thrilling” (Photo: ITV / Rex).

Ulrika posted three photos of herself, but did not post any information other than her age in her profile. She started matching with many young suitors, but was then surprised when she received many, uh, d ** k photos.

“They started the conversation asking how I was, then asked a couple of questions and asked if I wanted to provide me with a picture of their sergeant,” she teased.

“From that moment on, I think I’ve always known that I’m unlikely to find a young dream of love like this … the script starts with a headless torso, outside of his or perhaps someone else. If the plumbing is exposed, it’s possible he’s not calming things down. “

Ulrika didn’t see a match on Tinder, but the intimate photos flooding her inbox didn’t put her off, and after a few swipes here and there, she still had another dating app with the app. I said I’m using it.

Ulrika-previously she said it was a “thrill” to interact with men Now I’m in my 50s and enjoy more sex I thought that women shouldn’t feel “shame or embarrassment” about using dating apps to satisfy their sexual desires like men, as they did when they were in their thirties.

“If it’s a game for everyone, you can keep in mind that I’ll make it a game for me too. After all, I also have a need and make me feel embarrassed and embarrassed. You won’t be able to do it, “writes Ulrika.

“I have emotions other than love and menstrual cramps that make enough fellow women sneaky, distrustful, and disgraceful. We express sexual desire. I have all the rights, and even greater rights to satisfy them. “

Listen and listen.

Ulrika has been married three times before and has four children as mothers. My son Cameron (26) and Malcolm (12), and my daughters Bo (21) and Martha (16) have different relationships.

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Ulrika Johnson sent a blatant photo by a young man in "Brutal" The Tinder

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