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UFO hunters tell Pentagon reports prove them and tell aliens to “open Pandora’s box”

There is a vibrant “UFO research” community in the United States, with hundreds of thousands of sightings reported. Photo / AP

Debbie Siegelmeier saw her first UFO in 1979 while walking in a supermarket in Arnold, Missouri, with her husband and young children.

“We came out of Kmart and saw two silver metal discs overhead,” she told The Telegraph. “They were overlapping. It was 2:30 pm in the deep blue sky. It was everywhere in the local TV news.

“Then they claimed it was a balloon that fled Texas. I don’t believe it. It was very windy that day, it was difficult to hold a shopping cart, and those things were stationary in the air. was doing.”

This experience has made Siegelmeier a private UFO investigator. She currently leads the Missouri branch of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). The organization has 600 field investigators in all 50 states of the United States, investigating hundreds of thousands of sightings and editing the world’s largest UFO database.

MUFON and other extensive UFO research communities in the United States are breathlessly waiting for the release of a potentially explosive Pentagon report later this month.

In the changing ocean of that approach, the U.S. military is trying to announce what it knows about UFOs, now called UAPs (Unidentified Flying Objects), and admit that they don’t.

President Joe Biden’s Director of National Intelligence, Avril Haines, will submit a document compiled by the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force to the US Senate Intelligence Committee by June 25. After that, it will be released.

It may contain military research on at least 100 unexplained important sightings, including new videos and photos.

The Pentagon has released a video clip that appears to show a UFO.Photo / US Department of Defense
The Pentagon has released a video clip that appears to show a UFO.Photo / US Department of Defense

Many UFO enthusiasts see it as a “I told you” moment of a long, and often ridiculous quest.

As Ziegelmeyer said, “It’s very exciting, which means I’m not so crazy about it anymore.

“I think the Pentagon is opening Pandora’s box. It will spill, and it will spill big.”

So far, the Task Force has not found evidence of alien origin, but suggests that it has not ruled it out.

The latest senior fueling fire was Bill Nelson, NASA’s new secretary, who told CNN, “I don’t know if it’s an extraterrestrial, I don’t know if it’s an enemy.”

Such sentiment further stimulated 33 percent of Americans who believe that alien spacecraft have visited Earth, according to a 2019 Gallup survey.

However, UFO enthusiasts have previously been disappointed with government reports. In 1968, the Condon report concluded that UFO sightings contained no interest and that “more extensive research probably cannot be justified.”

The Condon Report was edited by examining files from the Project Blue Book, a 17-year US Air Force program that collected over 12,000 sightings. MUFON was founded the following year in response to the closure of Project Blue Book.

“I hope they will be clean”

“I, they [the Pentagon] David McDonald, 74, MUFON’s secretary general and veteran private pilot, told Telegraph from Cincinnati’s MUFON headquarters.

“I always thought there would be disclosure [about UFOs] But I didn’t expect to see it in my lifetime. “

But he added, “We will pay attention to the real bombs. I think they will fall back a bit to’can’t confirm or deny’.”

MUFON investigators work by attempting to debank the reported sightings. The most common sightings are silver metal objects and spheres of light in the sky. They believe that more than 90% can be explained by common causes such as aircraft, Venus, the International Space Station, and satellites. But about 7 percent remains unexplained.

In Washington, Peter Davenport operates the National UFO Reporting Center from an abandoned nuclear missile silo. Thousands of people from all over the United States have called the 24-hour hotline to report sightings such as “pulsating orbs” and “V-shaped circular lights.”

Davenport, who holds an MBA from Stanford University and a degree in biochemistry, ran for Congress in 1992. In a telegram from a bunker deep underground, he suggested that the report could be effectively hidden.

“We all want the government to be clean with its citizens,” he said. “But I’m skeptical. I’m not exactly sure the Defense Department will be clean.”

He added: [the military] I don’t understand that aliens are visiting the planet now. They should take off their uniforms and find another job.

“They absolutely know. Obviously they don’t want to publish what they’ve done in the last 70 years. Why aren’t they sharing information I don’t know?”

Russian or Chinese technology?

The American public’s interest in UFOs reignited four years ago when it was revealed that the Pentagon was conducting a secret investigation of sightings called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP).

Its director, Luis Elizondo, has been released and has released several videos of US Navy pilots encountering UFOs.

Prior to reporting, Elizondo rejected the proposal that the UFO be an advanced Chinese or Russian aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicle. He pointed out that China is unlikely to be far ahead of the United States as it continues to steal US technology.

Elizondo told The Washington Post: “From my experience, I’m sure it’s not Russian or Chinese technology.

“Is it from here or from there? We really don’t know. All options need to be left open. This could be from under the sea. This could be from space, yes, we really don’t know.

“We are now reaching the point where, as a government and as a society, we are embracing the reality that whatever this is, it is a reality. This is a global issue.”

Another person eagerly awaiting the report is retired Senator Harry Reid, who was a Democratic leader in the US Senate from 2005 to 2017. Reed, one of the most famous politicians in the United States for over a decade, has secured US $ 22 million in secret funding for AATIP payments.

“What we’ve learned is that you don’t have to be some kind of weird person to be interested in what’s going on,” Reed told NPR.

“People are naturally intrigued … these vehicles have been witnessed by scientists, astrophysicists. That’s what Americans need to know more, and the federal government is better off. I will help.”

He said the investigation had to be “in progress” after the report.

Believers v Skeptics

Others are lined up to debank the entire process. Skeptical UFO guru Robert Sheaffer told Scientific American:

“The Pentagon is already suffering from enough embarrassment.”

Returning to Missouri and investigating more than 1000 UFO sightings, Siegelmeier said she would continue whatever the report said. She has a team of five and works in a map-covered “war room.” Her team triangulates sightings and organizes a “skywatch” to predict future sightings.

She also leads the MUFON dive team. The team can be dispatched anywhere in the United States to investigate underwater sightings such as flashing lights underwater. Catalina Island off California is one hotspot. Currently, the dive team is conducting some research.

Like Elizondo, she was skeptical of the theory that China and Russia made a leap in aviation and drone technology.

She said: “How do you describe the sightings decades ago? This happened long before someone tried to blame China for something. Columbus in 1492. I witnessed a UFO. “

Another veteran UFO investigator, Margie Kay, 64, said the fact that the report had been edited altogether was “evidence” of the 1200 UFO witnesses she spoke to, including herself. .. She states: “It’s a confirmation that what I see, what I personally witness, is really real and not the product of my imagination.

“Our people who have been doing this for years know that something is happening, but in the past there was no disclosure from the government and it has been denied.”

She expected from the report that “probably no conclusions”, but hoped that it would provide new sightings and details of where to investigate. “There is no doubt that we will do it all,” she said.

UFO hunters tell Pentagon reports prove them and tell aliens to “open Pandora’s box”

SourceUFO hunters tell Pentagon reports prove them and tell aliens to “open Pandora’s box”

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