Ubiquiti warns customers after data breaches

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Ubiquiti Networks has warned customers to change their passwords after their security system has been compromised by a hacker.

In an email to a customer, network equipment and Internet of Things (IoT) device vendors have noticed unauthorized access to systems hosted by third-party cloud providers.

“We are currently not aware of any evidence of access to the database that hosts the user data, but we cannot be sure that the user data has not been published,” the email said.

Ubiquiti added that the name, email address, and one-way encrypted password (hashed and salted) to the customer’s account may have been exposed. The data may also include the customer’s address and phone number if the customer provided it to the vendor.

Users with Ubiquiti accounts can remotely access and manage routers and devices from the web using the vendor portal

Ubiquiti warns customers after data breaches

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