U.S. Department of Defense chiefs are “deeply concerned” about the surge in U.S. military suicides |

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has expressed concern about the surge in US military suicide.

In 2020, 385 active duty soldiers committed suicide, a surge from the 326 reported by the Pentagon in 2018.

“I’m deeply concerned about suicide rates not just here, but the entire military,” Austin said. Said I visited Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska on the weekend. Since December 30, at least six soldiers have died in Alaska due to possible suicide.

“One loss from suicide is too much. While working hard on this issue, there is still a lot to do,” he added.

according to Pentagon, military stressors include the unpredictability of life in the military. Talk in USA Today’s Conditions of Anonymity Today, officials also cited the commander’s increasingly aggressive demands on more troops, primarily due to China’s growing influence.

Army stationed Alaska You will encounter harsh weather conditions, geographical and social isolation, and frequent training and deployment. Soldiers, like other civilians in the state, face high living costs, general alcohol abuse, and sleep disorders.

During a visit to Fort Wayne Wright Army Base in Alaska earlier this year, Army officials promised to make significant changes aimed at improving the quality of life of soldiers. Leaders, including Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy and Master Sergeant Michael Grinston, have improved barracks, canteens, and gymnasium facilities. “Long-term investment”..

according to Maj. Gen. Peter Andrisiac, Commander of the US Army Alaska, has already begun implementing the changes. This includes a new transportation system to make it easier to transport soldiers during the winter, extending gym hours to 24 hours a day, upgrading dining facilities with wireless internet, and quality options for soldiers. Includes a 10% increase in basic daily food allowance funding to provide.

U.S. military commander in January Ordered Limitation on alcohol sales time at Alaska Air Force Base. “Several scientific studies reviewed by the National Institutes of Health have found that limiting the amount of time alcohol can be sold is an effective strategy for reducing the harm associated with excessive alcohol consumption. I conclude that there is, “said the joint base Elmendorf-Richardson. Facebook post.

In addition to physical improvements, Army officials have emphasized the need to improve the accessibility of mental health at the base. February, command team at Hawaii Air Force Base visited Fort Wayne Wright will host an army sensing session. A session in which the military discussed mental health, loss, and sadness followed two suicides at Fort Wayne Wright.

Austin made a recent visit to Eielson Air Force Base calling on the military to reduce the stigma associated with seeking help with mental health issues. “Mental health is health, menstruation … so if you’re hurt, there are resources available, and our leaders here will make these resources even more accessible and accessible. I know I’m working on what I do, “he says. Said.

In the United States, the national suicide prevention lifeline 1-800-273-8255.. In the UK, Samaritans can be reached at 116 123. In Australia, the crisis relief service Lifeline is located at 13 1114. Other international suicide helplines can be found at:

U.S. Department of Defense chiefs are “deeply concerned” about the surge in U.S. military suicides |

Source link U.S. Department of Defense chiefs are “deeply concerned” about the surge in U.S. military suicides |

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