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TVNZ Presenter Hayley Holt on Tragedy and Healing from Sadness

TVNZ sports reporter Hayley Holt says she learned to appreciate the light in the dark.Photo / Montia Dams

Surrounded by cozy jumpers in the lounge of her new home, Haley Holt is finally in her happy place. Two after a painful 18 months, TVNZ sports reporter and her partner Jostito saw Haley deal with the sudden tragic stillbirth of her son Frankie when she was six months pregnant. Shared a difficult road.

But a year later, life is better and brighter, and Haley and Josh have something to celebrate – buying their first home together. When she takes Women’s Day on tour, long-term renter Haley laughs that it took her a whole week to feel like she wasn’t crouching in someone else’s house. But now, a few months later, she and Josh are finally feeling calm.

The lovers first started looking for a home in Auckland just as prices peaked.

“It was really fun,” Haley patiently says. “It just depends on the timing. If you don’t have enough money for your deposit, you can’t get in.”

Haley Holt took a photo at her home in Warkworth.Photo / Montia Dams
Haley Holt took a photo at her home in Warkworth.Photo / Montia Dams

So they began to look further away, which led them to Warkworth, an hour north of the city, where they had an established community with Haley’s parents and many extended families.

Despite commuting to Auckland every day to announce a gig in 1 News, Haley says he quickly adapted to his new pace of life.

“I’m driving at night, so now I have to go wear my glasses,” she smiles. “That’s what happens when you get older-you move to the suburbs and you buy glasses.”

She jokes that Josh ended the “older” trifector by joining a local golf club.

“It’s a very middle class-we have our home and our golf members!”

Their home is a 1950s weatherboard house with lots of personality and original flooring. It was the first open home they saw in Warkworth.

“It was supposed to be,” Haley smiled. “It has a beautiful view, and it’s very quiet and quaint.”

Haley Holt is back doing what she likes.Photo / Montia Dams
Haley Holt is back doing what she likes.Photo / Montia Dams

Being a renter in this era can mean that you have to move all the time, and Haley says he wasn’t prepared for the stability associated with owning a home.

“I didn’t realize that there was such tension and anxiety. As soon as I got home, I really felt that satisfaction and calm … I’m sure there’s a sense of security. Great. Conversely, we are now. , I owe a lot of money to someone else! “

From Haley’s cheerful attitude, it’s clear that this year was very different from her predecessor.

“Yes, 2021 was a really happy revelation,” she nods. “I was really uplifted because he taught me how to feel happy after tragedy and sadness. I feel really sad, I am really happy with the simplest things, and I am loved with great peace of mind. I feel like I’m there … “

Haley Holt admitted that her on-screen wardrobe didn't feel like her, and since then she has made changes.Photo / Montia Dams
Haley Holt admitted that her on-screen wardrobe didn’t feel like her, and since then she has made changes.Photo / Montia Dams

Haley shares this feeling of comfort as having avoided her “for years, even before Frankie.” Haley believes it is important to show people that they can feel joy even after a catastrophic loss.

“Many people will tell me,’You are very strong. I can’t believe you got over it.’ But I had to do it. I can’t choose not to do it. From the outside, Everything may look terrible, but some good ones. I learned to appreciate the light in the dark. “

It is impossible to understand how dramatically the relationship between Haley and Josh has changed in the years of knowing each other. The pair met in 2018 and became friends, and a year later they casually started meeting each other.

Then they experienced the joy of expecting their first child to be with them as good friends. When Haley became pregnant happily, they decided to have a baby as a co-parent. They fell in love, spending more time together during pregnancy and subsequent blockades. A year later, they bought this house together.

“We had to go through this whole process of learning about each other under normal conditions. Before Frankie was born, we had him hug us. Then we we Had a process of sadness that hugged me. Together. It’s great.

“In a way, I feel lucky. I feel like I can handle almost anything.”

After leaving the morning television and returning to the old springboard of sports coverage, Haley spent a year settling in her new role in one news. As much as she loved to work with the breakfast team-their close ties were especially apparent in the aftermath of Frankie’s death-she says working in sports isn’t too “painful” ..

“Breakfast was very intense and I felt really good every morning. Playing sports allows me to get to work and laugh,” she explains.

As a former champion snowboarder, ballroom dancer, and presenter at The Crowd Goes Wild, sports have always been a major concern for Haley. But she insists: “The best part of my job is finding the human story behind the outcome: sacrifice, hardship, intensity, and sometimes the madness of training and conditions.

“It’s fascinating to hear what makes people good and how it affects their lives and those around them. Sports primarily have a positive effect on people and society. Teams It’s fun to stand behind and follow sports. I feel part of something. “

And with her new work, there was a change in tailoring. Gone is Haley’s classic outfit with high heels and a pretty dress. Early on, TVNZ news director Paul Yurisich asked how he felt about the on-screen wardrobe, and she admitted that it wasn’t something he usually wears.

He said to her, “Why don’t you make yourself look more like yourself and wear sneakers?” Since then, it has become flat shoes in public and in TVNZ halls.

She laughs. “Every time someone comments on the show, it’s always’Oh, sneakers! Are you lucky?’So my sneakers are a hot topic in town!”

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TVNZ Presenter Hayley Holt on Tragedy and Healing from Sadness

SourceTVNZ Presenter Hayley Holt on Tragedy and Healing from Sadness

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