Trump “written a political suicide note” at all Covid press conferences, says former Australian Prime Minister | Donald Trump

Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard said Donald Trump wrote a long “political suicide note” with his “terrible” treatment of the coronavirus pandemic. Without it, the Republicans would have beaten Joe Biden.

Howard said Wednesday night during a Q & A session at the Menzies Research Center at the end of a speech by former Nationalist Party leader Jon Anderson.

“If Donald Trump had handled the pandemic halfway, he would have won the election,” Howard said.

“He was heading for victory until the pandemic broke out. After all, when the people were threatened, they wanted their leaders to protect them from the threat, so it was his mishandling. did.”

Howard said a competent public health response has increased the popularity of political leaders across Australia.

“That’s why Scott Morrison has a very high approval. Gladys Berejikrian is our friend. [Mark McGowan] In Western Australia, even our friends in Victoria [Daniel Andrews] He has survived-not only has he survived politically, but is quite vertical at this point, “said a former Liberal Party leader. “Now some of it is as difficult a perception as it was all, and so on, he went through the show.”

Howard said Andrews, Victoria’s Labor Prime Minister, was “exposed to many political attacks.”

“I know this is not a political opportunity, so I shouldn’t take part in the attack,” he said.

“But I think I have something to say about the proposal-and this is optimistic in a way-the side of American politics that has much embraced identity politics, the Democratic side, is certainly Biden. He won, but horribly dealt with the pandemic, but why didn’t he win?

“every time [Trump] He had a press conference writing a political suicide note. “

Howard, the prime minister of Australia from 1996 to 2007, said Trump’s response to the pandemic was “terrible,” but the Republicans were still “much better than many expected” in Congress. ..

Anderson’s speech to a liberal think tank on Wednesday night opposed “awakening” and identity politics.

Despite Biden’s overwhelming victory in both the Electoral College and the general vote, Howard said he had detected a backlash in “Central America” ​​and prevented the Democrats from controlling Congress.

“I’m not in a partisan sense, I get a little encouragement from it. I’m more sympathetic to the Republicans than the Democrats, but I think there was a Central American refusal in the election results. [Biden] Won and I think you’re starting to see it reflected in Biden’s choice of those who serve in his administration-they don’t accept political correctness on the left as you would expect Hmm. “

Anderson agreed with Howard’s treatise, proclaiming that the Australian and US media were obsessed with characterizing Trump as a “terrible person” rather than analyzing his policies.

Former Kuomintang leader and deputy prime minister did not think about Trump’s customary lies during his tenure or the scandal that ultimately defined his presidency.

Anderson said a “surprising” number of Americans voted for Trump, despite Covid-19’s mismanagement. In response to that observation, Howard said, “He had many flaws.”

Anderson said the upcoming spill elections in Georgia were “a very important spill for the planet, which means that what’s happening in American politics at this point in history is probably the same as what’s happening here. It ’s so important. ”

“I’m very motivated by what I see as the real possibility of losing freedom,” Anderson said. “I am very desperate for our shortage, I am allowed to say, place people.”

After deciding that he should say “humane” and “everyone is awake” instead, Anderson concludes that “everything is out of control” when it comes to defending freedom.

Trump “written a political suicide note” at all Covid press conferences, says former Australian Prime Minister | Donald Trump

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