Trump Loyalist Elise Stefanik Wins Republican Vote to Replace Liz Cheney | US News

Elise Stefanik replaces Liz Cheney as party chairman by Republican Rep. Following Cheney’s violent dismissal of her criticism of Donald Trump’s lie that the 2020 elections were fraudulent. Was elected as a thing.

Stephanic, who represents the Swing district of northern New York, became an avid supporter of Trump, easily forgoing the challenge of Texas conservative Chiproy, and the party’s third-highest-ranked house position on Friday morning. Was voted for.

Cheney’s expulsion and Stephanique’s election against the Republican Party, despite Trump’s repeated false allegations of election defeat and fraudulent elections prior to a riot by supporters at the U.S. Capitol on January Further evidence of Trump’s continued support.

“House Republican In a statement, Stephanique is united in a statement focusing on fighting for the American people to save our country from the radical Socialist Democratic agenda of President Biden and Nancy Pelosi. ” Stated. She added that she was “really honored and humbled” to be elected chairman of the Republican House Republican Conference.

Trump, along with Republican House leader Kevin McCarthy, supported Stephanique’s role. “Congratulations on Elise Stephanique’s big and overwhelming victory! The Republicans of the House of Representatives are united and the movement to make America great again is strong!” Trump said in a statement.

Stephanique has previously been attacked by conservatives in a moderate position, including criticizing Trump for his derogatory remarks about Muslims and women. She also voted against Trump’s 2017 tax system, which offered tax cuts to wealthy Americans.

However, since then she has become a solid defender of Trump and has succeeded in establishing her position as an ally of the former president of a Republican colleague.

“My message was that I was focused on unifying the conference and defeating Democrats, and I have the opportunity to do that, which is the most radical socialist agenda in the country. It’s historic in defeating, “she said Wednesday.

Republicans in the House of Representatives hope that Stephanik’s promotion will avoid Cheney’s attack on Trump. After she was dismissed as chair of the meeting on Wednesday Cheney vowed to “do whatever he needed” To ensure that Trump is “never near the Oval Office”.

The Democratic Party’s reaction to the vote was bitter.

“The Republican dumpling fire swallowed them completely,” said Adna Beer, a spokeswoman for the Democratic National Committee. “Today’s Elise Stefanik’s victory reveals that there is no real place in the Republican Party today.”

Trump Loyalist Elise Stefanik Wins Republican Vote to Replace Liz Cheney | US News

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