Trump expresses old dissatisfaction in a bohemian interview with Farage | Donald Trump

Donald Trump Attacked Boris Johnson Clean power planIn a bohemian interview with Nigel Farage, who accused the Duchess of Sussex as “rude” and turned from a British politician to a broadcaster on British television on Wednesday night, an old complaint. Announced the reunion of.

A conversation billed and broadcast as “World Only” by Trump’s Marago Resort in Palm Beach, South Florida. GB newsThe Democratic Joe Biden broke a little new ground, starting with the first-term Republican president, who was impeached twice, repeating the lie that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him.

Mr. Trump, 75, hinted that he could run for president again in 2024 and attempt to return to the White House. Left in January 2021..

But beyond dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction with his successor, Biden, Trump aimed at British targets such as the Prime Minister, who was a close ally while at the White House, and Megan, who believes he abused her position. .. Royal family.

“I’m not a fan of her. I wasn’t from day one. I think [Prince] Harry has been badly used, and I think one day he will regret it, he probably already does. ” Trump told Faraj..

“It ruined his relationship with his family and I think it hurt the Queen.”

In response to Farage’s comments on Megan, Mr. Trump used a piece of paper entitled “The Duchess of Sussex” to lobby the House of Representatives for compulsory paid parental leave. She is very rude to the royal family and, most importantly, the Queen. “

According to Mr. Trump, the Queen is “a wonderful woman, such a wonderful person, a historic person” and “we had a wonderful time together and we became a wonderful friend.”

Meanwhile, Johnson, who announced in October the “Build Back Greener” drive, which powers all UK homes with offshore wind energy within a decade, was “just wrong” in Trump’s view.

The UK has become a world leader in wind energy, especially offshore.Johnson is in the UK To roll up what Saudi Arabia is to oil With a drive to reach zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

“Boris is wrong. If he weighs heavily on it, he’s making a big mistake. But I like him, I always ride with him [although] He went to the slightly liberal side, “said Trump, who once claimed him.I don’t understand the wind“.

“The wind is ridiculous. It’s scary for Scotland and I own a great real estate in Scotland so I can see it. I see a windmill. [wind turbines] Everywhere in them. It’s a shame. They kill all the birds, “he said.

Other topics covered included riots at the US Capitol. January 6th Due to radical Trump supporters, the Black Lives Matter movement, the immigration crisis in Britain and the US-Mexico border issue, the Antifa leftist movement, and the question of whether Trump will reinstate.

Farage insisted on interviewees that “they made your life hell” through two impeachment investigations into the administration’s relationship with Russia, and Trump asked his return to the White House. I wondered why I gave up retirement at the luxurious Palm Beach Resort.

“So I love our country. Mr. Trump” saved tens of millions of people around the world “through the coronavirus vaccine, despite a series of mishandling of pandemics in the United States.” We praised it and raised the country to an unprecedented level.

Trump expresses old dissatisfaction in a bohemian interview with Farage | Donald Trump

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