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FANS of one-ton diesel engines that felt targeted by the government’s emissions standard that hit on April 1 sparked another car-buying frenzy in March, but a large shipment of Tesla electric cars also impacted monthly earnings.

David Crawford, chief executive of the Motor Industry Association – which represents all major new car brands with the exception of the high-profile Elon Musk brand – is not surprised that last month turned out to be the strongest record month for new passenger and light commercial registrations, with 21,044 in the books.

The rush to buy ahead of the Clean Car initiative, otherwise known as the ‘ute tax’, had long been predicted.

The final number was 4,374 units compared to the previous strongest month, October 2018, when 16,607 units were achieved.

What the MIA lacks in the commentary sent out today is any prediction of what could brighten April and the months ahead. Logically, a breakdown can occur.

Ute buyers wanting to avoid the carbon fines that now affect anything that expresses more than 192 grams of CO2 per kilometer – meaning all one-ton and larger trays on the market – led the way last month.

The top three sellers were the Mitsubishi Triton (2266 units), the Ford Ranger (1933) and Toyota Hilux (1580).

Triton’s big run was part of a strategy announced last year when Mitsubishi Motors New Zealand announced it had secured a massive order of the model specifically to encourage a pre-tax sales rush, which is now underway. adds thousands of dollars in fines to the recommended retail prices.

It could also have been a final endorsement of the model in its current form as a facelift version with some changes has just been announced in Australia, which has much the same specs as this market.

Triton’s success was enough to give Mitsubishi a rare opportunity to become the market leader for more common incumbents, Ford and Toyota.

MMNZ became the overall market leader with a market share of 17 percent (3566 units), followed by Toyota with 13 percent (2767 units) and Ford (11 percent, 2362 units).

Crawford says it was the biggest month ever for light commercial vehicles, the category they fall into, with 9,841 units registered.

The electric sector was also booming, with 1,777 pure electric vehicles, 431 PHEVs and 496 hybrid vehicles sold for the month.

The Tesla Model 3 had the highest number of registrations, with 949 records. The next top performers were the MG ZS EV, with 129 units, and the Polestar 2 (105).

As expected sales of petrol hybrid vehicles were weak in March, some buyers postponed their purchase until April to take advantage of the discount these vehicles now receive under the Clean Car Discount. The best-selling models were the Toyota RAV4 (84), the Honda Jazz (42) and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class (33).

The total number of registrations last month was 35 percent higher than in March 2021, and the comparable counts so far show that the build-up in 2022 is 5230 units (12.5 percent) before 2021.

Triton surpasses ute-buying rush — Motoringnz

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