Travis Scott for the first time since the Astroworld tragedy

Travis Scott first appeared since the tragedy of November 5th

Travis Scott was seen for the first time since Astroworld tragedy When he hit the golf course with Kris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble.

In a photo taken this week, Kylie Jenner’s rapper boyfriend is about three weeks after the performer’s deadly crash at the Astroworld Festival on November 5, with other gambling, Michael Jordan, Mark Wahlberg and others. I was dating a celebrity companion.

Ten people died after an event in Houston, Texas, when spectators surged towards the stage during Scott’s performance, feeling a huge crowd accident and crushing the spectators.

He has been since Named in a large $ 750 million (£ 559 million) proceedingWas submitted by lawyer Tony Buzbee on behalf of 125 festival attendees who accused the organizers of “serious negligence.”

Scott looked honest in an image from a golf trip in Southern California seen at a luxury Madison club near Palm Springs on Tuesday.

In one photo from social media, a rapper was seen sitting next to a gambling chatting with Hollywood star Wallberg. In another example, he took a selfie with French-American actor Saïd Taghmao.

He took a selfie with the actor (Photo: Twitter)
While Corey and Mark were talking in the background, he seemed obsessed with his phone (Photo: Twitter).

This is the first time Scott has been seen since he left Houston after the incident. The person who died was 9-year-old Ezra Blount, who fell into an artificial coma, and college student Bharti Shahani, 22, died after using a ventilator in the hospital for a week.

After the festival, eight people between the ages of 14 and 27 were declared dead – Jacob Jurinek, 21. John Hilgart, 14; Briana Rodriguez, 16; Franco Patinho, 21 years old. Axel Acosta, 21; Rudy Penha, 23; Madison Dubisky, 23 years old. And Danish Baigu, 27.

The rapper screamed after a fatal incident (Photo: Rick Khan / Getty Images)

Scott, who is hoping for a second child with Jenner, says he and his team are “actively seeking routes to connect with all the tragic-affected families through proper contact.” Said.

A 30-year-old woman was reportedly unaware of the seriousness of Astroworld’s situation until a few hours after the concert and was informed of the death while attending an afterparty at a sports bar.

The rapper was criticized for continuing his set for nearly 40 minutes while the unconscious body was pulled out of the crowd.

In a statement hours after the incident, he said: ‘I just want to pray to those who were lost last night.

“We are actually working to identify the family, so we can help the family during this difficult time. My fans really mean the world to me and I am always positive to them. I want to leave an experience.

He defended himself and added: I couldn’t imagine the seriousness of the situation.

“To those who were lost last night, we are now working to identify the family, so we can help them during this difficult time.

“Honestly, I’m just devastated … I couldn’t imagine this happening.”

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Travis Scott for the first time since the Astroworld tragedy

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