Transtusman bubble starts on April 19th

Successful COVID management in New Zealand means that a non-quarantine trip between New Zealand and Australia will begin on Monday, April 19, announced today by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and COVID-19 Minister for Response Chris Hipkins have confirmed that the conditions for initiating an unquarantine trip to Australia have been met.

“Health Director believes that the risk of COVID-19 transmission from Australia to New Zealand is low and that it is safe to start a trip without quarantine,” said Jacinda Ardern.

“Our team managed COVID-19 and succeeded in maintaining it for the past 12 months, giving us the opportunity to reunite with our loved ones and resume our Transtusman trip.

“One of the most intolerable sacrifices for many over the past year has been separation from friends and family living in Australia, so today’s announcement will be a great relief for many.

“The bubble represents a world-leading arrangement to safely travel abroad while continuing to pursue strategies to help our economy recover, eliminate and prevent viruses.

“We have been working hard to ensure that our trips are safe and that the necessary public health measures are in place.

“Travel without quarantine is not in the pre-COVID-19 state, and travelers do so under the guidance of” Beware of Flyers “. In the event of an outbreak, people need to plan for possible travel interruptions.

“Just as there are alert level settings for managing cases in New Zealand, there is also a framework for managing New Zealanders in the event of an outbreak in Australia. There are three: continue, pause, and pause. Two scenarios are included, “said Jacinda Ardern.

COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said the government has added more layers to manage risk at the border to keep New Zealand on top of COVID-19.

“To qualify for flights to and from New Zealand on non-quarantine flights, you must not wait for the results of tests performed during the last 14 days if your COVID-19 test has not been positive.” Chris Hipkins said.

“When Australians decide to come to New Zealand, they book on a Green Zone flight, which means that no passengers from outside Australia in the last 14 days have been on that flight. It will also be flown by crew members who have not flown on high-risk routes for a period of time.

“Passengers must provide comprehensive information on how to contact them during their stay in New Zealand, complete their pre-departure health declaration, and be unable to travel if they have a cold or flu symptoms.

“When flying, you must wear a mask during the flight, and you will be asked to download and use the NZ COVID Racer app while you are in New Zealand.

“On arrival, passengers pass through a location called the airport’s green zone, which means that there is no contact with people arriving from other parts of the world and entering controlled quarantine or quarantine.

“As an additional precaution, we will also carry out a random temperature check of the arriving person.

“In particular, the final infection control audit of the airport will be conducted over the next two weeks and is a requirement for each airport to operate. The Ministry of Health will complete these and report on April 16th.”

Chris Hypkins said the bubble is estimated to release 1,000 to 1,300 rooms per two weeks within the MIQ.

“Of these, we will reserve about 500 spaces in case you need to arrange a trip to the Tasman Sea.

“There are also some facilities that may only be suitable for quarantine travelers from low-risk countries. We will consider discontinuing these facilities as the trip begins, while others such as the Pacific Islands. We are considering whether it can be used in low-risk countries.

“As a result, it is not expected that a large number of free quarantine spaces will be operational. However, MIQ still has thousands of kiwi spaces. We have helped you to return home safely. “

Media contacts:

Andrew Campbell, Jacinda Ardern, 021 243 8573

Richard Trow, Chris Hypkins, 021 278 7233


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Transtusman bubble starts on April 19th

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