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Tragic teenage Gisborne death: mother reveals how organ donation saved the lives of three people

A “selfless, compassionate” teenager gave the other three a gift of life after tragically losing his life in a bicycle crash.

Willow Stone, 14, from Gisborne, died on Sunday after suffering a serious head injury in the accident. The accident happened after a fun and loving girl rode a bicycle from a driveway and crashed into a van.

Now her family talked about her decision to donate her organs and how their “baby girl” continues to have a positive impact on her community when she dies.

Her mother, Rachel Stone, told Gisborne Herald that she wanted a community conversation about the heritage of organ donation, not about Willow’s life-threatening accident.

Willow was a free spirit, her mother said.

“Her personality has always been cheerful, friendly, affectionate, compassionate, and empathetic to everyone she meets.

“(She) was a real gogetter and was doing everything fun. She always wanted to be an interior designer and was careful about the details.

“She was the type of kid who enjoyed cleaning up her room when she was staying at her friend’s house. As you can imagine, her friends would think it was amazing.

“Willow was very active and always had a busy life. She was a talented swimmer in the early days, but soon decided to switch sports to Jiu-Jitsu.

“Both Willow and her sister won the title of this country. Willow enjoyed surfing with mom and dad, and friends. (She) was a real water baby. She was also a real water baby. I did some modeling with Posty Plus — this little Guigi girl.

“On the day she had an accident, Willow and her friends were preparing for another day full of action, such as surfing, skating, and other typical teenage Shenanigans. Did not make a difference, but it did.

“Unfortunately we have lost a beautiful soul, our baby girl.

“Willow’s selfless and compassionate nature blessed the three with her organs.”

According to Stone, one of the recipients was also a teenage girl.

Willow's family has their daughter "Real go getter"..Photo / Willow Stone
Willow’s family said their daughter was a “real dependable person.”Photo / Willow Stone

“We talked about organ donation in the past. Both of our kids felt it was necessary if something like this happened. I think this would happen to our family. It wasn’t. This happened to us, so Willow’s wish was fulfilled.

“There are many people who appreciate it. Incredible nurses, doctors, specialists, surgeons, ambulances, helicopter services, police, and other members of the tirelessly working community, working overtime and caring for them. We welcomed an extra shift to do our baby.

“We saw the humanity of their sorrow with us as we traveled this together. Everyone worked incredibly hard, and we are forever grateful. ..

“It is necessary to mention the message sent by the nurse who took care of Willow in the hospital. After she saw so many tragedy in her 22 years of nursing and her career, Willow she Said that he returned his passion to maintain. Take care of others.

“This experience has revolutionized many. Surgeons have shared it over the phone.”

Detective Sergeant Eric Hunter said Willow suffered a serious head injury in an accident involving a van.

Nearby residents reportedly conducted CPR in Willow until the paramedics arrived and were stable on the roadside before being transferred to Gisborne Hospital.

The hunter said police had completed an on-site investigation and spoke to witnesses.

“We still need to carry out inspections of the relevant vans and bicycles.

“Van drivers are shocked and upset about what happened,” Hunter said.

“He is also backed by victim support, which continues to support Willow’s family.”

Willow’s family told Gisborne Herald that the crash that killed Willow was a tragic accident and he wanted to focus on celebrating her life.

“We know that the spillover effect of her death has been felt by many for a very long time,” Rachel Stone said.

“There is still a rough road in front of us living without a baby girl. You can rest assured that Willow’s selfless gift of life will help others’ lives. “

Tragic teenage Gisborne death: mother reveals how organ donation saved the lives of three people

SourceTragic teenage Gisborne death: mother reveals how organ donation saved the lives of three people

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