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The government’s 2022 budget statement, which calls for an additional $ 230 million to be spent on trade training, is positively assessed by education providers.

Education Minister Chris Hippins and Social Development and Employment Minister Carmel Sepuloni made a preliminary budget announcement last week, extending the apprenticeship, Mana and Maori Trade and Training Fund.

Te Pūkenga Chairman Murray Strong says investing in work-based learning options will help develop desperately needed traders who can provide the infrastructure needed for economic growth.

“We need highly skilled workers to continue to develop a productive economy that promotes the development of kiwi. “Te Pūkenga, through its subsidiary Work Based Learning, is ready to contribute to accelerating our economic development,” said Strong.

Toby Biglehol, CEO of Te Pūkenga Work-Based Learning Limited, says employers and work-based students play an important role in all areas of our lives – building homes and jobs, maintaining power grids and connecting to the world.

“Almost 60 percent of vocational training takes place in the workplace across the country – which means that employers really play a crucial role in developing our country’s skills. “Recognizing the efforts and investments of employers is a key step in supporting a highly skilled, successful workforce,” Biglehol said.

“As a country, we need to maintain a pipeline of talented, involved students supported by – the system and their employer – nationally recognized qualifications that value their skills and experience.

“Equipping the next generation with experience to thrive and helping employers pass on their experience will only be good for all of us,” he said.

Trade Training Welcomes $ 230 Million Budget Increase – SchoolNews

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