Tom Cruise surprises a couple when they land a helicopter in the yard

Tom Cruise had to desperately land the helicopter after “running late” (Photo: Beretta / Sims / Shutterstock)

What would you do Tom cruise Have you been asked to land his helicopter in your yard? No, it’s not a hint of anything other than PG, but it’s a reality for one lucky couple in Warwickshire.

Next Mission in the UK: The 59-year-old actor, busy shooting Impossible movies, became a little pickled when Coventry Airport had to land a helicopter due to a temporary closure.

Later, Alison Webb and his partner in Warwickshire were asked to use their vineyards by a “delayed, unnamed VIP” and had to land desperately.

Busy To BBC NewsAlison said:’I thought it would be a little cool for kids to see the helicopter land in the yard.

‘he [Tom Cruise] Basically it arrived and went out and it was like “wow”.

Tom, a gentleman, chatted with the couple’s children and thanked them for their help by saying “hit their elbows” and “thank you.”

“Then he said if the kids wanted them to be able to climb by helicopter,” Alison from Babington said.

The actor is known for his love of aviation and is flying his helicopter (Photo: SplashNews.com).

While Tom was attending the meeting, the children were put on a helicopter pilot.

Allison continued:’It turned out to be an incredible day. It was surreal, I still can’t believe it happened. ”

Tom has appeared all over the UK in recent weeks, including last weekend when he was discovered. Enjoy dinner at the Curry House in Birmingham..

Top Gun star appeared Saturday night at Asha’s, an Indian restaurant on Newhall Street, with five other people and security details, and ordered chicken tikka masala with “additional spices” for £ 19.45. bottom.

Tom enjoyed curry at a restaurant in Birmingham last weekend (Photo: Ashas_UK)

The actor was so impressed with the dish that he ordered a second aid, and the restaurant staff was quite talkative.

Tweet from Asya’s reading:’Welcome was an absolute pleasure Tom cruise To Asya Birmingham Yesterday night. ‘

“Tom ordered our famous chicken tikka masala and enjoyed it so much that he ordered it again as soon as he was done – the biggest compliment.”

The actor carefully took pictures with the staff outside the restaurant, took off his face mask and showed off his Hollywood smile.

Tom and his mission: Impossible co-star Hayley Atwell was also seen at the Grand Central Shopping Center, where he was filming the next installment scene of the iconic franchise.

Mission: Impossible 7 will be released in May 2022.

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Tom Cruise surprises a couple when they land a helicopter in the yard

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