Tokyo Olympics: Quinn becomes the first openly transgender athlete to compete in the Summer Olympics

2 days before the opening ceremony Olympic, Quinn made history The first openly transgender athlete to compete In the game. On July 21st, OL Reign’s soccer star played in a match against Japan in Canada, resulting in a one-on-one draw in Tokyo.

Quinn, who is non-binary and uses them / their pronouns, accepted the milestone on Instagram and also acknowledged that there is much more to be done to include transgender in sports and other areas.Midfielder Came out as transgender September 2020.

“I’m proud to see Quinn in the lineup and certification. It makes me sad to know that there was an Olympic athlete in front of me who couldn’t live the truth because of the world,” 25. Quinn, aged, writes: Instagram post On thursday. “I feel optimistic about change. Legislature changes. Changes in rules, structure and thinking. Most of the time I am aware of reality. Transgender bans on sports Girl. A transgender woman facing discrimination and prejudice while trying to chase the dream of the Olympics. The fight isn’t nearing the end … and we all celebrate when we’re here. “

Quinn’s call for action comes at once in the United States Anti-trans method is increasing.. In June, the Governor of Florida signed a law prohibiting transgender girls from joining school and college girls’ sports teams. The law is said to be one of the 13 anti-trans bills passed by conservative US lawmakers this year and one of more than 110 bills. Parents..

But at the same time, there were some steps towards the advancement of sports.New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard He will also make history of the Olympic Games as the first openly transgender athlete at the Summer Olympic Games. In a team that matches her gender identity When she started the competition on August 2nd in the women’s 87+ kg weight class ( NBC Sports, Transgender women have been eligible to compete in the Olympic Games since 2004, and the International Olympic Committee recently updated its guidelines for inclusion in 2015. ) More than 157 LGBTQ + athletes will participate in the Tokyo Olympics, a significant increase from the 56 who participated. 2016 and 2012 23, GLAAD says..

Since its announcement last fall, Quinn has helped Canada win the bronze medal in the 2016 game, and has been vocally supportive of increasing the acceptance and support of everyone in the trans community.

“When transgender awareness is high, I start exercising from there and start making money in society, so I want to tell you my story,” they said. Governance of OL in blog posts Immediately after the announcement. “At the same time, I think we have a responsibility to raise the voice of other marginalized transgender people in order to diversify the number of transgender stories heard by the general audience.”

What’s next?Quinn and the rest of Canada Women’s National Team Scheduled to play in Chile on July 24th..This is How to see all Olympic eventsWhether you are looking for a TV or streaming option.You can also follow @SELFmagazine Check out Instagram for game-wide highlights, summaries, and updates.


Tokyo Olympics: Quinn becomes the first openly transgender athlete to compete in the Summer Olympics

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