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Frey and Pam Livingston and their startup Tokaora Diagnostics took the lead at the 2022 PowerUp Kickstart Finals Night, last Wednesday in New Plymouth, winning $ 10,000 to help take their idea. to the next level.

The mother and son duo are developing a type of Covid rapid antigen test (RAT) that works to detect facial eczema, as an option for a blood test.

“During my bachelor’s degree at Victoria University I discovered a new way to test for eczema of the eye and we believe this is an important tool in reducing animal deaths and injuries. recovery from this terrible disease, “said the 24 -year -old. Frey.

With the Callaghan Innovation ‘Getting Started’ Grant awarded first and foremost, Pam and Frey are keen to make their product possible to save farmers hundreds of dollars and an economy. of New Zealand nearly a quarter billion dollars each year. .

“I’m really looking forward to getting into the industry and studying science, and the $ 10K is going to help a lot,” said Frey.

Pam and Frey joined the first phase of PowerUp Kickstart with Co.starters series earlier this year, with other new Taranaki professionals attending ten Venture -sponsored development projects. Taranaki and Soda Inc to develop their concept.

“We are very happy to have won the competition. It’s great to be behind and we can’t talk too much about our mentor, Bridgit Hawkins from CropX Technologies, ”Pam said.

The program was reduced to five finalists who received the necessary support to help them achieve their goal and play last night. This mini accelerator, sponsored by Soda Inc., received $ 3,000 in revenue, one-on-one training, and two months of internship.

“As a new business, PowerUp Kickstart has helped us think about all kinds of businesses in depth. It’s great to win, it encourages the least bit, it gives us legitimacy and confirmation, ”Pam said.

Like many of the latter, Pam and Frey have spent a lot of time at Tokaora Diagnostics over the past two months and PowerUp Kickstart is just the beginning for the pair.

“We’re doing a one -year R&D project to make a prototype. The test will work similarly to the Covid rapid antigen test (RAT) with the neck of a cow or sheep. Because there’s a method. trying to make our product as simple and easy to make as Frey continues.

Last night, held in front of an audience of retailers and web viewers around the world, the five finalists were seen presenting their opinions to a panel of experts, which praised the intensity of the thoughts set in the evening.

“Last night was an opportunity to celebrate the strength of our professionals and encourage others to pursue that ‘crazy idea’. Re -engineering is critical to the country’s long -term stability. pitches tonight we are very excited and proud of our exciting country and business and future, ”said Natacha Dunn, Venture Taranaki GM Enterprise.

Pam and Frey from Tokaora Diagnostics did not win the night.

WITT People’s Choice Award Winners, Sophia Joy and Paul Gledhill, Surface Swimgear.

With a public support group, Paul Gledhill and Sophia Joy from Surface Swimgear took home the WITT People’s Choice Award. Winning $ 2,000 to use their swimwear concept. Paul and Sophia delighted the public with their water safety product which aims to reduce New Zealand’s death toll and give swimmers confidence and peace of mind outside of the pool. the water.

The WITT People’s Choice Award was won by voting live in the evening from the public and watching from home.

“Tonight, we have seen the thoughts and ideas that will hold great power for our country. Kickstart is part of a larger PowerUp project that has been instrumental in building a strong business culture and ecosystem in Taranaki, ”said Natacha.

“I want to thank the finalists and others who went on PowerUp Kickstart, it takes courage to put yourself and the idea in there and the many hours of hard work. I encourage they now have to build on the time they’ve worked through the PowerUp process, and if anyone thinks they might be on top of a bigger idea contact us, ”Natacha said.

Highlights from Power Up Finals Night

The last four PowerUp Ideas Competition:

  • Paul Gledhill and Sophia Joy, Surface Swimgear – water safety products
  • Isaac and Cathi Drought, Planta – alcoholic beverages
  • Michael Parker, Surfing-e-surfing board
  • Jayden Clark and Ashkan Azarkish, EzSoil – plant care products

Tokaora Diagnostics hosts Taranaki PowerUp Kickstart – NZ Entrepreneur Magazine

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