Timing may be important when taking medicine

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 (HealthDay News)-A new study suggests that when taking a drug, it can have a lot to do with how well the drug works.

Scientists have used new bioinformatics tools to analyze thousands of human tissue samples and create a database of daily rhythms of human genetic activity. Drug jobs.Databases can help researchers identify the time they give a particular time Drug Make them the most powerful.

John Hogenesh, a circadian biologist in the Department of Human Genetics and Immunobiology at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, said:

“It doesn’t matter what you are male, female, young or old, or your ethnic group, the internal clock of your body regulates half of your genome,” he explained in a hospital news release. ..

“This includes drug-metabolizing enzymes, transporters, and targets. Learn which drugs can currently hit watch-controlled products and benefit from optimizing people’s dosing times. “I’m doing it,” added Hogenesch.

Additional research is needed to use these findings in clinical practice. However, because most of these drugs are safe and approved, Hogenesch explained that this process should go faster than traditional drug research.

To create the database, researchers used computer algorithms to show how the biological clock regulates changes in genetic activity.

Hogenesch’s team used this algorithm to analyze the timing of gene-tissue interactions in 13 tissues donated by 632 donors.

Mark Ruben, a researcher at the hospital, said: cycling gene.Genes that circulate in humans Cardiovascular system It has been the target of many of these drugs. “

For example, researchers have discovered 136 drug discovery targets that rhythmically circulate in at least one of four. heart Organization.Many of these are targets for drugs used in treatment Heart disease..

“It’s not as easy as taking medicine in the morning,” Ruben said. “Currently, one in six U.S. workers is a shift worker, so it may be morning most of the time, but for some it’s bedtime. To explain this, on the body We need a robust way to measure time. “

This study was published in the journal on September 12th. Scientific translation medicine..

-Stephen Reinberg

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Source: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, News Release, September 12, 2018

Timing may be important when taking medicine

Source link Timing may be important when taking medicine

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