Tim Downing: My thighs are on fire. Are you ready for the couple Pilates? | Pilates

My The ideal morning training routine looks like this: Appear in the gym around 7am and drag the mat off the stack to start a preliminary stretch. Around 7:06 am, the trainer I booked sent me a text saying that he was in a domestic emergency and couldn’t do it. Then I settle down in a standing position and deflate when no one is looking. .. Then I go home and take a bath.

During my more than 10 years at the gym, I had only experienced this 5 or 6 times, but I always woke up in the morning with the same hope.

Then, at the beginning of last spring’s blockade, I was struck by revelation.

“Hey?” He pulled the cornet out of the freezer and said. “Once this is done, I will never go to the gym again.”

“Anyway you were less than five months old,” my wife said.

“What’s the point?” I said. “You can exercise here.”

I bought a gym mat and pushed it under the kitchen sofa. I ordered a skipping rope and used it for just 15 minutes. During the summer I gained more slack and then began to grab. A flyer for a local Pilates instructor has arrived from the letterbox. My wife accompanied me on an hour’s assessment, and at her recommendation I did.

“Let’s see if it’s cheaper if we do it together,” I said.

Some of the couples I met at the gym I was exercising with always had one devoted partner, and the other seemed to glide through the other slipstream and escape. I decided to be the latter.

“Your mom sucks all the oxygen in the room,” I told the oldest after the first session.

“Oh,” said the wife.

“In principle, which one is better,” I said. “I should be able to sag while she claims the instructor’s attention.”

“All the oxygen in the room,” my wife said. “I’m pretty hurt by it.”

“I’m actually working,” said the oldest person, pointing at his laptop.

“But for some reason I got to do more,” I said. “There will be a way to cheat-I haven’t solved it yet.”

At 7:45 am on Wednesday, I woke up when my wife was screaming for my name. She stands in the dark, on the other side of the bedroom.

“What?” I say.

“Help!” She says, clenching her teeth. “That’s my back!”

I gently put her back in bed and put an extra pillow under her head.

“God, it hurts,” she says. “I need to lie here.”

“You need to move,” I say. She turns her angry eyes towards me.

“Don’t you want to go to Pilates alone?” She says.

“No” I lie. “I saw it at one of those ambulance shows. People are always stuck in loungers and ambulances always tell them to move.”

“I don’t have to move,” she says. “I have my own phone.”

“Actually,” I hold her phone over and say, “I have it.”

At 8:45 am I stepped into the Pilates instructor’s office, and shortly afterwards my wife shrugged and crossed the room like a piece of glass.

“Then he robbed me of my phone,” she says.

“Actually, it’s good to be here,” said the instructor, softening his voice with a face mask and visor. “We want to move it.”

“That’s what he said,” says my wife, lying on the mat.

“Tough love,” I said, stepping into the reformers.

“He also says he needs a physiotherapist,” says his wife. “Do you know anyone?”

“I’m a physiotherapist,” says the instructor.

“Well, I’m there,” I say. While my wife and instructor discuss the connective tissue and the level of pain associated with childbirth, I use my left foot to push sideways against the reformer’s springs and focus on breathing. You lose your count and start over. I have a burn on my thigh. I will be 12 and then lose the count again. I don’t think there is anything left on the other leg. Finally, as I began to lose balance, I stood up and exhaled sharply. The instructor looks up from his wife’s prone appearance.

“Resting a little, Tim?” She says.

Tim Downing: My thighs are on fire. Are you ready for the couple Pilates? | Pilates

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