Three NFL Stars Donating Brain Tissue for Trauma Research

Monday, September 14 (HealthDay News)-Three National Football League Star Players Agree to Donate brain When Spinal cord Post-mortem tissue to help scientists learn more about their connections to the brain trauma Athletes are suffering dementia In later years.

Baltimore Ravens’ Matt Burke, Seattle Seahawks’ Lofa Tatupu, and Arizona Cardinals’ Sean Molly are the first active NFL players to join more than 150 former players in the Research Center’s Brain Donation Registry. I’m a player.Traumatic Encephalopathy At Boston University School of Medicine.

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), once thought to affect only boxers, is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder caused by repetition. trauma In the brain.Early symptoms may include: memory Disability, emotional instability, unstable behavior, depression And impulse control problems.The state will eventually progress in earnest dementiaAccording to a news release issued by the university.

In recent years, CTE has been found in 10 dead athletes, including professional soccer players, boxers, and professional wrestlers.

“Science makes it clear that CTE is a threat to the health and well-being of all contact sports athletes. I want to raise awareness and help advance research towards treatment and final research. I want to play my part. cure“The Ravens Pro Bowl Center, Burke, said in a news release.

“CTE is the only cause that is completely preventable dementia, ”Dr. Robert Cantu, a prestigious sport Concussion A neurosurgery expert and clinical professor at Boston University School of Medicine was pointed out in a news release. “By studying a large number of athletes throughout their lives and examining brain tissue through the expanding CSTE brain bank, it may be possible to identify specific risk factors for CTE and develop effective treatments. Education will be promoted and meaningful treatment will be possible. Guidelines implemented at all levels of athlete participation. “

Athletes in the CSTE Brain Donation Registry are interviewed annually throughout their lives and their brain tissue is examined if they die.

“These active NFL players are able to participate in this survey by participating in this survey. Concussion A history that can adversely affect their careers and contract negotiations. “

–Robert Preidt

Source: Boston Medical Center, News Release, September 14, 2009

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Three NFL Stars Donating Brain Tissue for Trauma Research

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