The second impeachment puts Trump first among the rulers of tampering | Trump impeachment (2021)

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Donald Trump, Donald Trump (very good because they impeached him twice).

It was always going to end like this. Fear, anger, and division-centric inauguration culminated in the Grand Guignol of three acts at the US Capitol in Washington: last Wednesday’s riot, this Wednesday’s impeachment, and next Wednesday’s Inauguration ceremony.

As Barack Obama said after Act 1, “If we treat it as a complete surprise, we’ll be joking.”

What is uncertain is whether this is the moment when the heat melts and the country returns to orbit, or is it just a precursor to polarization, violence and decline.

Liz Cheney and nine other Republicans who joined the Democratic Party in a bipartisan vote of 232-197 to impeach Trump did not provide a comprehensive answer to that question. Yes, it’s 10 more than the first impeachment just a year ago, and yes, there’s a crack in the dam. But it hasn’t burst yet.

And certainly this Wednesday, the besieged capital was praised by the grasp of who would be a dictator, putting the United States in a sort of fragile state that it thought was in the rescue and reconstruction business. It was similar.

Barriers, checkpoints, and steel rings were built on Capitol Hill. Members of the National Guard in masks, guns, and uniforms could be seen sleeping on the hard floor of the Parliament corridor. The last quarter of the army here was during the American Civil War. There were more people than in Afghanistan and Iraq today.

In a room where members wore masks under strict new coronavirus rules, the historic day began with a prayer from the House minister, R Adm Margaret Grun Kibben. “We noticed that we were grabbing the scale of justice from the jaws of the riots,” she said last week.

But it didn’t take long for the faction to expose its teeth. This process was much quicker than Impeachment 1, which admitted that Trump had put pressure on Ukraine for political gain, but there were again angry speeches from both sides.

The House of Representatives will vote for Donald Trump’s second impeachment in less than a year. Photo: Chip Somode Villa / Getty Images

Democrats came to bury Caesar, not to praise Caesar. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said: “The President of the United States has instigated this rebellion, this armed rebellion, against our common nation. He must go. He is a clear and present danger to the nation we all love.”

The House of Representatives majority leader, Steny Hoyer, followed up as follows: “Donald Trump built a glass palace of lies, horrors and sedition. Last Wednesday, January 6, the country and the world saw it shatter.”

Detective Conan? No, this is still Trump’s Republican Party. They played cancellation culture, national healing, and somehow straight-faced cards.

Ohio General Assembly member Jim Jordan, considered a loyal Trump attacking dog, argued: why? why? Politics, and the fact that they want to dismiss the president. “

Another Trump loyalist, Andy Biggs, said, “Instead of stopping Trump’s train, you made him a martyr, so his movements will be stronger and you will be a Pyrrhic victory.” Warned.

And Matt Gaetz of Florida complained, “I think the impeachment is an itch that doesn’t go away with just one scratch.” He accused Trump’s enemies of illuminating “real flames, real fires,” and continued to false equivalence with the almost peaceful Black Lives Matter protests last summer. The Democratic Party shouted opposition.

Perhaps most shocking wasn’t that 10 conservative Republicans found the spine three years and 11 months after President Trump, but nearly 200 were still on board a big lie about fraudulent elections. Was trying to make it permanent. Their masters are not party leaders, but grassroots Trump fans and right-wing media cult-like “maga nations.”

The Capitol on Wednesday had more troops than Afghanistan or Iraq.
The Capitol on Wednesday had more troops than Afghanistan or Iraq. Photo: Brendan Smearlowski / AFP / Getty Images

Leader Kevin McCarthy summed up the soul-stricken conflict, admitting that Trump was “responsible” for the violence of the mob, arguing: “Voting for impeachment will further divide the country. Voting for impeachment will further incite the flames of partisan division.”

Some observers may find this quite rich from voter oppression, border walls, and the “Lock Her!” Party. In essence, their argument was that he could not be impeached, as it confused domestic terrorists who eagerly attacked the Capitol in an attempt to hang his Vice President Mike Pence.

A new Democrat, Kori Bush, has claimed justice and accountability more honestly than many others. “We have a duty to legislate to save the lives of blacks. The first step in the process is to eradicate white supremacists, starting with impeaching white supremacists.” (She Tweeted later: “What does that mean when they boo a black parliamentarian who blames white supremacy?”)

Indeed, the rebellion against the US government was almost unpredictable in a country led by a man with a peculiar tendency to Confederate statues. “Some of my colleagues, some of them may be conspirators,” said Congressman Cedric Richmond, who was on his way to joining the Biden administration, before drawing a conclusion. Richmond out. “

However, unlike the previous impeachment circus, this time there was an eerie silence in the digital world. Mr. Trump may be suffering more by robbing his favorite toy, Twitter, than owning half of the impeachment in history. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton are also just fugitives.

But his fate in the Senate trial is less certain than it was at the beginning, whenever it happens, and will tell a lot about the future of the Republicans and America. As Oscar Wilde almost said, losing one impeachment vote can be considered unfortunate. Losing both makes it look like you’re doing the wrong job.

The second impeachment puts Trump first among the rulers of tampering | Trump impeachment (2021)

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