The rusty armorer was “first time at work” and worried that he was “not ready.”

Hannah Gutierrez Reed (center) wore the armor of Rust, a movie in which Alec Baldwin (left) shot Galina Hutchins (right) deadly (Photo: Instagram & Getty).

The last armorer told the podcast that he wasn’t sure if he was ready to work on a past movie project.

Hannah Gutierrez Reed was the head armor of the film that was underway before cinematographer Harina Hutchins was fatally shot by a star. Alec Baldwin..

The audio she was talking about in a podcast last month was revealed. There she discussed working on the Old Way for the first time as a head armor for a movie set.

Hannah, the daughter of Thell Reed, a stuntman and Hollywood armorer, Voices Of The West Podcast When she first became a head armorer, she wasn’t convinced she was “ready” for that role.

She said she’s working on the Old Way:’It was a really bad ** way to start a really long and cool career, I hope. I have just finished my Oldway work with his first Westerner, Nicolas Cage.

“It was also my first time to be head armor. At first I was so nervous that I could hardly get a job because I wasn’t sure if I was ready, but when I did that it went very smoothly. rice field.”

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Hannah had previously been an apprentice with her dad who helped train her, and she would work blank until she figured out “how to move them when you want”. I revealed that I was worried.

She continued:’He took me completely out of the green and taught me everything I knew so far, and by all means I’m still learning.

“Dad taught me everything, but by observing, seeing him doing things, and knowing how firearms work, I myself Except for many things I caught in.

“I thought,’Oh, I don’t know anything about it,’ so I think loading a blank was the scariest thing for me.

Harina was a rising star in filmmaking (Photo: Reuters)
Alec appeared distraught after the incident (Photo: Associated Press)
Hannah Gutierrez-Reed became the first head armor on the Oldway (Photo: Instagram)

“But he taught me that, and in the end I tried to figure out how to move a particular blank when you want, rather than hitting an empty cylinder and everything. By the time, I understood it myself. “

A deadly shooting took place after Alec was handed a gun by the assistant director. According to court documents, he is said to be safe, and “cold gun” means no load.

Not only did the cinematographer get fatally injured, but Joel Souza was also injured in the incident, but was later released from the hospital.

Alec shared his grief after the tragic incident and raised his voice to inform fans that he was cooperating in investigating how it happened.

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The rusty armorer was "first time at work" and worried that he was "not ready."

Source link The rusty armorer was "first time at work" and worried that he was "not ready."

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