The retreat of wage equality promises will hurt thousands, says the union-School News

According to NZEI Te Riu Roa, more than 5,000 ECE teachers will not have access to qualified salary increases next year due to a reduction in wage equality by Minister of Education Chris Hipkins.

With a May budget, the Minister will fund six initial payment steps starting January 1, 2022, allowing ECE teachers to pay the same as equivalent teachers with the same qualifications and experience in kindergarten and primary education. I promised to do so. This week, Hypkins announced that employers only need to pay teachers equivalent to the first five of these six payment steps to receive this funding.

“The minister’s retreat to the budget day promise is very disappointing,” says NZEI President Liamura Zaford. “NZEI Te Riu Roa and ECE teachers across the country welcomed the announcement of wage equality at the time as a real step forward.”

“This announcement has dramatically reduced the number of people who could benefit from this first pay-parity fund, affecting at least 5,300 teachers. Retreating goal posts is a government move. Betrays the promises made by the government in May. Basically, these teachers are required to wait another year for fair compensation.

“Unsurprisingly, our members are very angry with this decision. ECE teachers are constantly campaigning for fairer wages, and we hope this announcement will come true. We see, especially when we know that some teachers are receiving even lower wages than usual because of the dangerous practices of blocked employers.

“This announcement is why we think there is a great need for a new funding system based on how desperately the ECE funding system is broken and, like schools, teachers are paid centrally. Is shown.

“This action doesn’t go on without a reaction. Teachers are now planning to go out on the streets to share their complaints on Saturday, November 6th, demanding an urgent shift.

“It’s clear that the government has succumbed to employer pressure to reduce the number of employers that employers need to receive new funding. In the meantime, we’ve been waiting the longest for our ECE services. Some of our most experienced teachers holding together will bear the brunt of this decision.

“Currently, teachers working in the ECE sector are paid up to 49% less than their colleagues in school and kindergarten with the same qualifications and professional requirements. This gap has steadily widened over the last decade and has grown. It has caused a serious shortage of teachers and continues to worsen.

“We see some of our best and most experienced teachers leaving the sector to find better salaries and conditions elsewhere. Stress and staff shortages.

“Today, even if government funding standards for employers are lowered, fair employers who opt in to receive this additional public funding will take six steps to teachers from January next year, as originally intended. I think I have to pay everything. “

Key points about this week’s wage parity rollback

  • In May of this year, the budget promised to increase the funding rate of employers paying ECE teachers according to the first six of the 11 payment steps of the collective bargaining agreement for kindergarten teachers from January 1, 2022. ..
  • Today’s announcement overturns this commitment and will fund employers who only pay staff according to the first five steps.
  • This decision will affect at least 5,300 teachers who are likely to be eligible to be paid at KTCA’s Step 6 fees starting next year and must wait until more funds are available before they are paid fairly. It will not be.

The retreat of wage equality promises will hurt thousands, says the union-School News

Source link The retreat of wage equality promises will hurt thousands, says the union-School News

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