The reasons why Amazon deploys AI cameras in delivery vans and misunderstands the spelling of “surveillance” as “safe” are as follows: • Registration

+ Comment For safety reasons, Amazon has installed an AI camera in the delivery van to pinch the driver.

E-commerce giants have been accused of using all kinds of technology in the past to closely monitor workers who sort and process goods in warehouses. Now I want to keep an eye on people who step outside the so-called fulfillment center.

Amazon’s senior manager Karolina Haraldsdottir, who works on “last mile safety,” said in a seven-minute corporate video, Internet giants are always in the van in collaboration with San Diego-based AI startup Netradyne. With the camera.

“Delivery of Amazon packages is one of the most important factors for Amazon’s customer experience,” she said.

“That’s why Amazon is committed to keeping our drivers and the communities they serve safe. We are always looking for innovative ways to keep our drivers safe, so we are Netradyne. We are working with you to help improve the driver’s experience. ”The video was first discovered and reported by The Information.


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This means that Amazon uses cameras that run machine learning algorithms to detect when the driver is too fast, when looking at a cell phone instead of the road ahead, and so on. The camera has four lenses, one facing the driver and the other facing the road, two on each side, providing 270 degree coverage. Netradyne’s software on the gizmo monitors 16 different behaviors, some of which are more serious than others and can make noises to warn the driver that they are confused.

Some of these include interruption failures at stop signs, or speed violations. It’s logged anyway, but other types of behavior don’t trigger voice alerts. For example, if the driver is not wearing a seatbelt or the camera is blocked. The system can also be used to detect luggage thieves, collisions with pedestrians and other vehicles. Drivers are advised to self-report or document cases of road anger when drop-off points are closed or inaccessible.

Haraldsdottir said Netradyne’s device doesn’t record audio and Amazon can’t see live footage from the camera. However, the camera system is used and the machine learning software records 100% of the time during the delivery round.

CNBC reported that the technology has already been implemented in some Amazon-branded freight vans and could be further rolled out. Amazon isn’t the only one doing this. For example, the UPS also has an in-track camera. Amazon has contracted the delivery company to unload the package, and it is these vans that have the cameras installed.


surely, RegisterWe all want safer drivers so that Amazon personnel comply with traffic laws, ensure that packages are delivered correctly and not go missing, and that pedestrians and other road users are unharmed. I’m out. This is fine, and at that level, Amazon cameras are probably welcome, not stretch. Still, it’s very branded that Amazon installs fully reliable artificial intelligence in its vehicles, silently or otherwise constantly assessing and micro-managing workers and reporting to their bosses. It does not accurately indicate trust. Perhaps it was an obvious necessity.

Remember: Amazon doesn’t always have a good reputation for finding that driver. Just this week, FTC, an American consumer watchdog, settled a claim that Jeff Bezos had a $ 61.7 million cough in a business he had secretly stole a hint from a driver for three years.

Amazon and Netradine couldn’t get immediate comments. ®

The reasons why Amazon deploys AI cameras in delivery vans and misunderstands the spelling of “surveillance” as “safe” are as follows: • Registration

Source link The reasons why Amazon deploys AI cameras in delivery vans and misunderstands the spelling of “surveillance” as “safe” are as follows: • Registration

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