The Paralympic Kiwi champion has his eyes on 2026

Gold medalist of the Paralympic Winter Games Corey Peters is not over yet.

Peters won gold and silver at the Beijing Paralympics, the third consecutive Paralympic Games he has returned home with a medal. Arriving in Auckland this morning, Peters revealed that he wants another turn in four years, when he will be 42 years old.

Peters won gold in the downhill living room race and silver in the super G this month to go with a silver in 2014 and a bronze in PyeongChang four years ago.

After two consecutive Olympic Games held in Asia, he is tempted by the venue of Italy in 2026 and what the slopes of Milano Cortina have to offer.

“It would be nice to have some break time in the coming months and re-evaluate it. But I think, you know, the last three have ended in Asia or Russia and then in South Korea and Beijing.

“Well, next is Italy, which is going to be an amazing place. It ‘s already on the World Cup track with a fit body. The hill looks really incredible and definitely very tempting. Obviously it would be good to go back and try to defend this downhill, “Peters told NZME.

One thing that could influence his decision is the fact that Karin’s partner is going to have their first child in July.

“Well obviously this is a big factor, then I have to decide if I will go another four years or not. To get a little older and start priorities with a young family.

New Zealand finished 15th in the medal table at the Beijing Games, with Adam Hall also bringing two medals – two bronze.

“It’s a pretty spectacular feeling to be back home as a Paralympic champion,” Peters said.

“We’ve been working on it for my whole career, really, 11 years now. And to remove it is just an incredible, amazing feeling.”

The Paralympic Kiwi champion has his eyes on 2026

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