The new player joins a mortgage company

Mortgage counseling has a new company option to consider.

Thursday, June 23, 2022, 5:04 PM

and Eric Frykberg

The Adviser Platform (TAP), which plays a major role in the life insurance market, is expanding to provide a new option to mortgage advisors.

TAP has developed its social media management (CRM) platform to help mortgage consultants meet new licensing requirements.

“A consultant is trying to do everything themselves – it’s really hard and not really really hard right now,” said TAP managing director Ryan Edwards.

So he opened a new product to help.

“We saw an opportunity to come to market with an excellent program, some driving support for those in need, and work with our customers to help them achieve this.”

Edwards said the new system is a full -fledged FAP process, covering the entire business activity of mortgage advisors, while maintaining records and information that they will use to collate.

He said systems like this can help a business be under pressure.

“It seems like there’s a lot of bad anger and unrest in adviserland, with people really fighting. Business research shows it’s not a fun time to be a counselor right now.”

He said the goal of the new CRM program is to “demystify” one of the implementation requirements and help mentors do their best: go out with their customer and reach their destination. an agreement.

The new system will cost consultants about $ 200 a month.

The FAP licensing program is being rolled out in partial termination, with only 50% of all advice currently in place, and the rest is left in limbo, as the deadline for the cutting.

Edwards said some counselors have the impression that running their own FAP is unattainable or unavailable.

“We have a different idea. We think you can and should run your own FAP. Maybe you should spend a little bit on some services to help you accomplish that.”

Edwards said the agencies he spoke to were independent and felt they could not maintain their independence while meeting the new requirements.

“We think it’s a short story.”

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The new player joins a mortgage company

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