The last pair of Black Caps sticks to a stunning draw

Covered in the dimly lit Kanpur sky, Blackcaps pulled away one of New Zealand’s biggest robbers of cricket.

When Tom Latham plans, Will Somerville puts the scene in the case, Rachin Ravindra steals praise, and Black Caps steals a draw from under the nose of an Indian fielder, Ajazz Patel It was a fleeing companion to a vague night.

With only one wicket left on the final day of the first test, Ravindra safely steered the black cap, batting him and No 11 Patel for 29 minutes, blocking 52 balls in an astonishing rearguard, By denying India, we have completed our most impressive debut. , And save the black cap from defeat.

New Zealand spinners haven’t contributed much to the ball, but not so much to the bat.

Over and over again, Ravindra and Patel see off the world’s best spin bowler, blocking, sticking out and edging another six balls, and referee Nitin Menon checks the fade light through an exposure meter for early testing. I was worried about deciding whether to finish in because of the bad light.

Over and over again, Menon is back with unwanted news – testing continues. The sun even cruelly decided to jump out of the clouds to further extend the test – it only helps darken the chances of a black cap.

Finally, with less than 10 minutes remaining in the test, Patel stepped forward, blocking the ball tightly against bowler Rabindra Jadeya, Menon checking his instrument and beaming Blackcaps. Delivering the news, India was indignant and sighed.

The game is over, everyone shakes hands, and we … Go back to 0-0 where you started the series.

But don’t be fooled by that static thing. It was unforgettable that it was deployed in five days.

Throughout the four days of the fascinating first test, Blackcaps has taken a step in India to perform best in India since 1988. This is an Indian team that has won 11 of the last 12 home tests and can be thrown and drawn to New Zealand, the team they have historically beaten over and over again at home. It wasn’t expected. Not to mention the risk of losing.

But this wasn’t the average New Zealand side, and they fought endlessly-always finding a new entrance to the mix when hope seemed to be lost.

Hope never seemed to be lost more than the last suffering of the fifth day.

The day of glorious aspirations at lunch turned into a battle to survive with tea and ended desperately to avoid the disappointment of defeat.

Everything looked very promising in the last two hours. Latham and Nightwatchman Summerville needed another 280 runs to win, resumed 4-1 and hit uninterrupted in the first session, adding 75 runs.

But what about New Zealand spinners and four innings batting after 110 ball grinds and 36 runs? -Somaville departed the first ball after lunch, hooked Umesh Yadaf on a long leg, and Schubmann Gil made a spectacular low catch.

Latham was joined by Kane Williamson to create a careful 39-run stand. The ultimate goal is to make the game as deep as possible in search of an unlikely victory.

However, Latham’s dismissal-after chopping on Ravichandran Ashwin, threw his head into the sky and committed 52 out of 146 balls-crushed the plan.

When the required run rate exceeded 4 overs, Blackcap closed the store and soon the ticket gates began to tip over.

Ross Taylor’s removal of the mark by stealing 23 balls was an indicator of a change in intent, but the next delivery will be to put him back bowled by Jadeja on the last ball before tea. bottom.

Therefore, when the last session requires 159 runs with a required run rate of 5 overs and starts with only 6 remaining wickets, the decision to play conservatively is relatively easy and the Henry Nichols poor. Continued to dismiss the lbw of the fourth ball, which became more comprehensive in the test.

After five overs, one horrifying threat posed by the pitch, the ball remaining low, emerged to eliminate Williamson. After a cautious defense of 112 balls, in the final irrelevant 24 runs, Williamson showed that there was no doubt about what the outcome would be. Trapped in lbw by.

He couldn’t explain the sensational New Zealand debut.

When Williamson fell, Ravindra arrived at the crease – and never left.

Tom Brandel was fired by Ashwin after his 38-ball stay, Kyle Jamison made the same departure at LBW in Jadeya after 30 balls, and Tim Sauchy made the same departure with just eight deliveries.

As a result, Ravindra had to remain standing in the middle of the Patel and survive as long as possible in the declining light of Kanpur.

In the case of 91 balls, Ravindra repelled the Indian attack. For his own 23 deliveries, Patel did the same, and Menon provided the final verdict as the evening sky slowly turned black.

The day ended in darkness, but New Zealand cricket was brighter than ever.

The last pair of Black Caps sticks to a stunning draw

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