The last Alec Baldwin filming Galina Hutchins “may be in the camera”

Warrants have been issued for all footage of the incident (Photo: Backgrid & Halyna Hutchins Instagram)

Harina Hutchins’ deadly shooting by Alec Baldwin A search warrant was issued for every video of the incident, so it “may have been recorded” on the rust set.

Sheriff’s office in Santa Fe is investigating the existence of footage of tragic insiders, and Detective Joel Kano recorded or did not record the incident in Friday’s search warrant affidavit. He said he had confirmed that. ‘

Hutchins was killed, Director Joel Sousa was injured when the prop gun given to Baldwin was “discharged” during an indoor rehearsal scene.

Juan Rios, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office in Santa Fe County, confirmed the deadline: “The warrant was enforced this afternoon and they are there now.”

It comes after court documents reveal that Baldwin was handed a gun. The assistant director who told him it was a “cold gun”, That is, the live round was not loaded.

According to Deadline’s report, court documents showed that the gun was one of three. Armorer prepares in a nearby cart, And AD didn’t know that the live round was in the prop gun.

Alec Baldwin appeared distraught after the incident (Photo: Associated Press)

The detective reportedly got the prop gun that killed Hutchins, the cart on which the gun was placed, other prop ammunition, and the costume Baldwin was wearing at the time.

Baldwin was one of the people interviewed by the police, but has not been charged.

What is a blank?

A blank is a firearm cartridge that produces a muzzle flash and an explosive sound like a normal gunshot, and the firearm experiences recoil that allows it to circulate its movements without firing a projectile.

These are often used in sets to shoot simulations that require light and sound effects.

An empty cartridge consisting of most of the actual ammunition (casing (or shell), propellant (gunpowder) inside the casing), and the primer on the bottom of the cartridge, except for the projectile (or bullet).

Blanks are often made of paper, plastic, felt, or lumps of cotton, but they are propelled at high speeds and will not hurt if there is something in the barrel that comes in contact with the blank’s emission gas. ..

The Sheriff’s Office in Santa Fe is currently trying to collect all possible footage, production computer equipment, memory, other digital cards, and cast and crew phones that may have taken footage and photos on the spot. ..

“The case is still in the process of being investigated,” Mary Carmack-Altoweez, a lawyer in the First Judiciary District, told the deadline.

She added: “We support the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office and provide them with full support.

“At this point, we don’t know if the claim will be made. We will investigate all the facts and evidence of the case very carefully and will provide further information later. Our idea is this. I’m affected by the tragedy. “

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The last Alec Baldwin filming Galina Hutchins "may be in the camera"

Source link The last Alec Baldwin filming Galina Hutchins "may be in the camera"

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