The iconic All Black Waka Nathan died at the age of 81

The legend of All Blacks and Auckland rugby powerhouse Waka Nathan died at the age of 81 after a long battle with dementia.

All Blacks, once described by Sir Colin Meads as “the most energetic runner with the ball,” died this week, and Auckland Rugby confirmed the news on Friday morning.

Nathan made his debut in the All Blacks on a tour of Australia in 1962, where he tested both against wallabies.

He was a member of the British All Blacks Tour from 1963 to 1964, but had a broken jaw, recorded 11 tries in 15 games and was nicknamed Le Pantherère Noir – The Black Panther – by the French. bottom.

Waka Nathan was active in the All Blacks during the 1962 Australia tour.Photo / NZ Herald

The world-class flanker has tested 14 times in the All Blacks and won 14 black jerseys.

After quitting play, he played a central role in Maori, New Zealand, working as a selector and coach from 1971 to 1977 and managing the team on a Welsh tour in 1982.

As famous rugby journalist Phil Gifford Written for Herald in February, He is a man who may not have survived Maori Rugby.

“Waka Nathan is too modest to make such a claim, but Maori rugby was slipping when he stepped into the coach’s job. By the time he resigned, New Zealand’s in 1977. The role of the team in sports has become safe again, “Gifford wrote.

Nathan was honored to rush to the field from New Zealand Rugby to begin the process for the 1987 Rugby World Cup.

Waka Nathan.Photo / Brett Fibs

Waka Nathan.Photo / Brett Fibs

He was honored for his dedication and dedication to the union as a player and manager with the creation of the Waka Nathan Challenge Cup, where the Auckland Rugby premier club team competes.

“It’s very sad that Auckland Rugby acknowledged Waka Nathan’s death,” Auckland Rugby said in a statement.

“Waka was an incredible mana man who devoted most of his life to Auckland rugby.

“Waka will be greatly missed, and our condolences go to Nathan Farnau at this time.

“The legacy of waka is forever imprinted in the history of our union.

“Kua Hinga Te Totarai Te Waonui a Seed-Totara has fallen into the seed Omori.”

Nathan made his debut in Auckland at the age of 18 and played 88 games in the Blue and White Hoops, scoring 51 points.

Nathan is well known for recording a last-minute try with Canterbury to set up his teammate Mike Cormac and hold the Lanfarley Shield in a game that ended 19-18 in 1960. .. He made his debut in Maori, New Zealand. In the same year, he appeared on the team until 1966.

In an interview with 2016 Herald, Nathan has become open about the fight against dementia.

The iconic All Black Waka Nathan died at the age of 81

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