The great Katey Martin of White Ferns says time for career

The great Katie Martin of White Ferns and Otago Sparks managed to win a decorated international and domestic cricket career spanning 21 years.

Her 19-year international career makes her the modern New Zealand cricketer with the longest serving time, while her 169 one-day home games are a New Zealand record for both men and women.

A much-loved teammate, a respected opponent and a fixture on the New Zealand cricket scene for the past two decades, Martin is leaving the game without regrets and looking forward to life after cricket.

Completed just 200 international appearances with 199 entries, including 103 ODIs, 95 T20Is and a solo test.

“It was an incredible experience,” Martin said.

“To all my teammates, coaches, the opposition, the fans and the friends I have met along the way, I want to thank you for making my time in cricket so memorable.

“I also want to thank the New Zealand Cricket, the New Zealand Cricket Players Association and the Otago Cricket for their support throughout my career.

“Cricket really gave me my life – from leaving Dunedin as a young man to attend NZC Academy in Christchurch, traveling the world as White Fern and representing my country – it was a dream come true.”

Martin would like to thank her parents, Steve and Wendy, who have been a constant source of support throughout her career.

“I have been fortunate to have a very supportive family throughout my life. Dad traveled to India for my debut in 2003 and has since made his presence known on the ropes.

“Both mom and dad got a caravan around the North Island for the recent Women’s World Cup – to say I was lucky to have them on this trip with me is a disgrace.”

Martin said her decision to retire was not an easy one, but acknowledged that her mind had almost decided before the White Ferns World Cricket World Cup final against Pakistan.

Katey Martin during the 2008 ODI series vs. Australia. Photo / Getty

“I knew going to this match could be my last time playing for New Zealand, so I was quite emotional.”

“I took some time after the tournament to talk to my family and friends to consolidate my decision before making it official today.

Throughout her career, Martin has enjoyed watching women’s cricket evolve and is excited to see the next phase of this development take shape.

“The women’s game is getting stronger. We saw at the recent Women’s World Cup here at home how much the level of cricket has risen and I will be excited to watch it continue to evolve over the coming seasons.”

Martin is now considering her own out-of-play transition and hopes to include more commentary work, as well as focus on coaching the next wave of young goalkeepers.

“I enjoyed playing Spark Sport learning from some of the best cricket broadcasters in the country, as well as getting in touch with some of our best players.”

“I am passionate about leaving the game in a better place and I would love to help the coach and develop the next generation of our goalkeepers. It is definitely somewhere I feel I can reciprocate a game that has given me so much.”

Former White Ferns boss Bob Carter said Martin brought a special kind of energy to the team environment.

“Kate Martin is unique,” Carter said.

“The White Ferns environment is richer to have close to her. She brought energy, excitement and fun to the team and her presence will definitely be missed.”

“Her long service to both Sparks and White Ferns has been remarkable.”

The great Katey Martin of White Ferns says time for career

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