The FDA has just approved an expensive new treatment for yeast infections.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is new Vaginal yeast infection This week’s treatment.

Brexafemme is a new daily oral antifungal drug currently approved by the FDA for the treatment of vulvar vaginal candidiasis (vaginal candidiasis). Yeast infections). According to a pharmaceutical company press release, the active ingredient in Brexafemme is ibrexafungerp, the first in a new class of fungicides. Synexis. When taken twice a day, it works by killing the fungus Candida Cells that cause yeast infections Vagina or vulva..

Yeast infection According to, at some point in life, three out of four women are affected. Mayo ClinicOvergrowth of fungi pH balance Or Good bacteria in the vagina, As reported by SELF, may be due to factors such as antibiotic use, high estrogen levels (due to pregnancy or high estrogen contraception), or the use of products such as scented soaps. Clean the vaginaInfections cause symptoms such as severe itching, irritation, secretions, swelling, and a burning sensation in the vagina and vulva.

Some people will experience it Complex or recurrent yeast infections Over-the-counter or prescription local antifungals that are resistant or unresponsive (or require a longer course) to current treatment options (or used for 3-7 days, or prescription oral antifungals called fluconazole (diflucan) Including a single dose of)), by Mayo Clinic..

New types of antifungal treatments can be good news for people with troublesome yeast infections that do not respond well to current treatments. People who have a yeast infection that does not recur or resolve may have an atypical strain of Candida. Mayo Clinic I will explain. In such cases, your doctor may recommend boric acid capsules (inserted into the vagina). Brexafemme kills a variety of Candida species, including those resistant to fluconazole, which may be another good option in the event of first-line treatment failure. Synexis Press release.

The FDA approved Brexafemme and conducted two Phase 3, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials that showed the drug to be effective and well tolerated. In one of the clinical trials, the drug resolved symptoms of all yeast infections in 50% of patients within 10 days of treatment, said Dr. David Angulo, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Scynexis. New York TimesIn another trial, treatment resolved all symptoms in 64% of patients by 10 days. After 25 days, the first trial showed 60% efficacy and the other trial showed 73% efficacy. However, the complete test data has not yet been released.

One of the major drawbacks is that Brexafemme, due out in late 2021, will be more expensive than other yeast infection treatment options currently available. The list price of the drug, which will go on sale later this year, will be between $ 350 and $ 450 for a four-pill daily course, Dr. Anglo said. TimesThis usually costs about $ 30 compared to the oral antifungal drug fluconazole. GoodRX..

Another problem is that the drug is not suitable for a particular group of people who are particularly susceptible to yeast infections, that is, those who are pregnant. Synexis list pregnancy As a contraindication, citing the possibility of harm to the developing foetation based on animal experiments. The company recommends that doctors confirm that the patient is not pregnant before dosing and advise the patient to contracept during treatment.Is FDA Scynexis calls for further research on the safety of the drug for pregnant or lactating people and their fetal and newborn babies.

It’s not yet clear how useful Brexafemme will be. But for those with yeast infections that are difficult to treat, it is another option that may provide some relief.


The FDA has just approved an expensive new treatment for yeast infections.

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