The drug improves the survival rate of rare and deadly kidney cancer

Monday, February 22, 2021 (HealthDay News)

The drug cabozantinib is more effective than two similar ones Drug, And similar to current standard treatments, to extend the lifespan of rare and deadly types of patients Kidney cancer, According to a new study.

The· cancer Called metastatic papillary kidney cancer.. Currently, there is no effective treatment. A previous study of 38 patients found that mean survival was only 8 months after diagnosis.

The results of these surveys are cancer The study suggests that it is being treated.

“There is still a long way to go to make patients’ lives longer and better, but these rare treatments have new standard treatments. cancer “Patient”. The research author, Dr. Sumantapal, a clinical professor of medicine, said. Oncology City of Hope cancer Center in Duarte, California. She is also a SWOG researcher. cancer Research network.

Mutations in the MET gene are characteristic of this type Kidney cancer, And new Drug Targets the MET gene, along with other important signaling pathways.

In this study of 147 patients, researchers compared three MET-targeted drugs (cabozantinib, crizotinib, and sabolitinib) with the current standard of care, the receptor tyrosine inhibitor sunitinib.

Patients, most of whom had not previously received treatment, were randomly assigned to receive one of four treatments.

Progression-free survival (the time it took for the cancer to recur or spread) was median 5.6 months in the sunitinib group and much shorter in the sabolitinib and crizotinib groups.

However, in the cabozantinib group, it was 9.2 months, with 23% of these patients significantly reduced in size. tumorFound in a study by the SWOG Cancer Research Network, in 4% of the sunitinib group.

“The magnitude of the reaction was amazing,” Pal added in a SWOG / City of Hope news release.

This study was presented at the Virtual American Clinical Society earlier this month. Oncology Published at the same time as the meeting Lancet journal.

The SWOG Cancer Research Network is part of the National Cancer Institute. Clinical trial Communication network.City of Hope is an NCI-designated university Cancer treatment Center.

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Source: SWOG Cancer Research Network, City of Hope News Release, February 13, 2021

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The drug improves the survival rate of rare and deadly kidney cancer

Source link The drug improves the survival rate of rare and deadly kidney cancer

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