The crazy return is behind the Warriors

Rabbits 32
Warriors 30

So close – but still so far – to the Warriors.

It was close to one of the NRL’s big comebacks on Saturday, scoring four attempts in the last 17 minutes to almost beat the Rabbitohs, with the Sydney team still leading 32-30.

The last ten minutes were shocking, but time was always looking against the Warriors, who had left very late, having lost 26-6 at halftime.

And the frantic finale should not hide another worrying appearance, as the Warriors had gone crazy early on.

It was their worst first half of the season, as the Rabbitohs made five attempts and could have had two or three more, with the Warriors throughout the defense.

Auckland’s team showed determination in the second half, but the damage had already been done and some tension had undoubtedly left the Rabbitohs effort, with such a huge lead.

The incredible revival of the Warriors will give them at least something to build on them, although the glaring defense weaknesses have been revealed again.

Reese Walls and Jazz Tevaga stood out for the Warriors, with Marcelo Montoya also strong in his comeback. Tohu Harris has successfully recovered from his injury in the ACL, while Freddy Lussick had a tidy debut.

In a wet Brisbane situation, the Warriors forced a series of repetitive sets early with no win, before the Rabbitohs scored with their first attack, with Cody Walker sending Taane Milne into the corner as the Warriors’ left edge made a big mistake. their numbers.

The one-way move continued a few minutes later, with Milne ending almost the same way, before the Warriors’ right-wing defense tangled in a similar way, allowing Alex Johnston to cross into the opposite corner.

It was embarrassing. The sight of Harris on the side should have raised the Warriors’ fans, but the Rabbitohs had already increased their lead before he could play, with Blake Taaffe getting stuck on a Walker grabber in the 23rd minute.

It was a perfectly weighed kick, but the lack of any kind of pressure from the defensive line was indicative.

Matt Lodge (left) and Eliesa Katoa of the Warriors. Photo / Photosport

Mentally, the Warriors looked puzzled, with Shaun Johnson kicking all or nothing at Tacklin Zero, who relinquished possession.

It was a gamble under the circumstances and the Rabbitohs made their fifth attempt in the next set, with Damien Cook going through five defenders as they made ineffective grabs.

Souths made another attempt to be scratched by the bunker – in a close call – before Montoya stepped on a foot from a clever pass by Daejarn Asi.

The Warriors woke up after half time, creating opportunities early on, but were unable to nail any of them.

This disrespect was immediately punished, with Lachlan Elias being forced to take a long break, which seemed to neutralize any hope of a resurgence.

But against the odds, the Warriors rallied.

The clever work of Johnson, Walsh and Montoya led to the attempt of Adam Pompeii, before Tevaga passed close by with 12 minutes to play.

Assi then stopped the effort to score, after Johnson had come close, before Montoya dived in the 78th minute.

Walsh made the conversion from a difficult angle, but the Warriors could not do a miracle from their last set, with a two-point attempt by Johnson being knocked down as the siren sounded.

Rabbitohs 32 (Taane Milne 2, Alex Johnston, Blake Taaffe, Damien Cook, Lachlan Ilias tries; Blake Taaffe 4 cons)
Warriors 30 (Marcelo Montoya 2, Adam Pompey, Jazz Tevaga, Daejarn Asi tries; Reece Walsh 5 cons)
Half time: 26-6

The crazy return is behind the Warriors

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