The case of Covid in Victoria soared to a new record as protesters were arrested and New South Wales warned of an undiagnosed death.Australian news

Victoria has so far recorded the largest daily number of cases of a covid pandemic. New South Wales Eleven more deaths were recorded, including three who died at home before the coronavirus was diagnosed.

It comes as police Dozens arrested at the start of a small demonstration in St. Kirda Day 6 of the protest in Melbourne.

Victoria recorded 847 new cases on Saturday, killing a man in his 80s in Hume, a suburb of northern Melbourne that was most affected by the current outbreak.

Due to the spread of the outbreak, Western Australia has banned all travel from Victoria except parliamentarians and other officials. Starting Wednesday, Victoria will fall into the same “extreme risk” category as New South Wales. This limits travel to a small list of authorized people who have been vaccinated with at least one Covid vaccine.

Meanwhile, NSW recorded 1,007 cases, confirming that the 7-day average continues to decline.

However, the state recorded 11 deaths, including three who died at home before being diagnosed with Covid-19 (a man in his 40s, a man in his 50s, and a woman in his 80s).

“Many people have died in Covid, died at home, and have been diagnosed after their death,” said Jeremy McCanarty of Health, New South Wales, during a video briefing Saturday morning.

“If the symptoms are mildest, proceed to Covid’s examination. If the condition worsens, sooner or later contact your doctor and see a doctor. In an emergency, contact Triple Zero.”

Other deaths included an unvaccinated man in his 70s who lived in the Uniting Springwood Residential Aged Care Facility in Blue Mountain. The two who died had been vaccinated once with the Covid-19 vaccine.

Authorities are also concerned about the increasing number of cases in Illawarra, southern Sydney, with 70 new cases reported.

Thirty cases reported overnight in Victoria occurred in rural areas, including three in Shepparton. One of them is still under investigation.

“It’s like a traveler coming from Melbourne and bringing the virus to the Shepparton area. We’re trying to ensure that the amazing reaction we saw in Shepparton in August isn’t completely canceled by further invasions into the area.” Covid-19 Commander, Yeron Weimar, said.

Seven cases were also reported in Mitchell Shire.

Victoria’s health minister, Martin Foley, said local government restrictions could be increased because of “close” to the northern suburbs of Melbourne and “the number of intrusions across the boundaries of its metropolitan area.” Suggested.

Mitchell Shire, Greater Geelong and Surf Coast restrictions will be lifted at midnight on Sunday.

Foley confirmed that the Surf Coast would be unblocked at 11:59 pm on Sunday, and Geelong “looked relatively positive” despite the detection of positive cases at the Viva Energy Refinery. Eighty refinery workers were listed as close contacts.

In Victoria, 77.1% of people over the age of 16 received their first vaccination as of Saturday, lagging behind predicted vaccination targets. The state was aiming to reach 80% of its initial dose by Sunday, but Foley said the modeling was delayed due to late bookings for AFL Grand Final holidays and match days. rice field. It is expected to reach that number early next week.

However, the goal of reaching 70% double dose and ending the blockade by October 26 is to confirm that Victoria will receive more than 3 million Pfizer and Moderna vaccines next month. It’s safer. Allocations include a little less than 1 million doses of Pfizer for state hubs and 1.6 million doses for clinics run by general practitioners.

According to Foley, the state’s roadmap for unblocking, announced last week, is subject to change based on the number of cases and is projected to peak in late October, with restrictions relaxed. It could peak again, and the priority was to allow hospital systems and healthcare professionals to be supported “in overcoming this until vaccines are in low numbers.”

“It’s a real challenge, and it’s probably the first to open, so it’s going to be a challenge at NSW,” he said. “It will be a challenge in Victoria, and it will be a challenge all over the world.”

The number of people in the intensive care unit in Victoria increased 55% last week to 321 and 45 people are on ventilator.

Almost 45% of the new cases reported last week were due to household contact, according to Weimar. The remaining 55% was due to domestic infections. Approximately 60% of cases occurred in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, especially around Roxburgh Park, Craigieburn and Broadmeadows.

“This is a very clear pattern we’ve seen in the last five to six weeks since the numbers started to skyrocket,” Weimar said.

He said family contact is a move like “helping your mother, going to see your cousin, all the everyday things we all desperately want to go back to.” ..

Thirty-two new cases were also recorded in the Australian Capital Territory, and Prime Minister Andrew Barr warned that Canberra hospitals were at risk of being overwhelmed by patients in New South Wales.

“32 new cases were also recorded in the Australian Capital Territory, 10 of which were related to the Cavalry Haydn’s geriatric care facility,” he said. “All staff at the facility are receiving the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, and more than half are fully vaccinated.

“Many patients in New South Wales who cannot be treated are beginning to come to ACT Hospital.

“This is a trend that is expected to continue.”

Queensland Reported one case.

The case of Covid in Victoria soared to a new record as protesters were arrested and New South Wales warned of an undiagnosed death.Australian news

Source link The case of Covid in Victoria soared to a new record as protesters were arrested and New South Wales warned of an undiagnosed death.Australian news

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