The Business Park experience is a big step forward

297 Te Puna Station Road is planned to be developed as part of Te Puna Commercial Park designed to support the country’s rapid growth and strong economy in accordance with the permits. by the Community Conference in 2005.

T saidThe site will be developed by Te Puna Industrial Limited, a group of local publishers and ContainerCo.

Ken Harris

The spokesperson of Te Puna Industrial a ContainerCo Director Ken Harris said now was the time to see what the former owners in 2004 knew to build a ‘Green’ business park at Te Puna Road Station to serve the rural area. local and economic development of the Bay of Plenty in the next 5 years. 15 years.

In 2005, the Community Council approved a private policy change that moved zoning from rural to industrial to create the Puna Commercial Park. The planning change process includes dedicated mitigation measures to ensure the lowest level of impact and adverse effects in the surrounding area.

Since then, the land of Te Puna has seen growth of industry, industry and housing. Local efforts have been put in place to better serve the area and to upgrade Te Puna Road-State Highway 2 and work has commenced on site 1 of the new 6.8km four-lane highway. connecting SH29 Takitimu Drive and SH2 west of Te Puna.

“The idea of ​​a commercial park started 18 years ago to meet the growth of areas like Kiwifruit in the middle of the Bay of Plenty and is more important now than ever. Customer growth and growth in Tauranga RiverIt’s the biggest in New Zealand, ”Mr Harris said.

Permission was sought to operate the Te Puna Business Park business units on the site. All tenants with ContainerCo will meet other requirements regarding noise, knowledge and land degradation, building levels, sewage and other environmental requirements.

The main use of the development is related to the specific uses allowed at Te Puna Business Park. The long -term goal is to host services such as special programs, machine tools, and offices that are dedicated to supporting the rural area and related outputs, including the introduction of ContainerCo operations.

The site is expected to be developed in three stages. Level 1 will identify land reclamation and environmental improvement measures such as mounds and reclaims from the road front and lakes and other features to improve environmental outcomes and with intellectual and cultural features.

“We hope to improve the land use and water management of the site throughout the area and be based on the rebuilding of Indigenous plants and animals. Our goal in this regard is to support the general health, social and cultural well -being of our community and environment.

According to Mr Harris, the relocation of low -cost technical support facilities to Te Puna will enable ContainerCo to better support local producers and challenges facing its Mount Maunganui bases.

“The system will provide a basis for the reorganization of our portfolio and sales teams.”

“The number of containers is not expected but we expect to have a small supply of containers for kiwi fruit growers and packers to meet the demands of the summer and in the long run. the site may be a warehouse for our Electric Vehicle (EV) boxcar fleet with fast loading points ”.

ContainerCo is a Tauranga -based company that employs over 100 cultural workers in the city in the Mount Maunganui and Sulfur Point areas.

The Business Park experience is a big step forward

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