The boxing world in awe of the “crazy” Gallen after the defeat

Kris Terzievski summed it up perfectly.

After a 10-round battle with Paul Gallen in Newcastle, the Australian heavyweight champion was in awe of his opponent.

Galen lost the fight, but won the crowd and – once again – won the respect and admiration of the people.

There is no one like Paul Gallen.

“Paul, you are an absolute champion, brother,” Terziewski told Galen in the ring.

“You are the toughest man I have ever beaten in my life. Literally the toughest man in Australia.”

The 40-year-old horse showed everything the great champions do – but now it seems impossible to extend his career from here.

If it is his farewell, he fits his stature as a symbol of Australian sports.

The scorecard did not tell the whole story.

Gallen was kept in the back leg for most of the match, but showed incredible heart to counterattack in the last two rounds.

It was not enough.

Terzievski took the victory with a unanimous decision (97-92 x3).

Earlier, Olympic hero Harry Garside set up a clinic, while Nikita Chiu – the brother of Australian superstar Tim Chiu and the son of boxing legend Costia Chiu – became an instant star with a stormy knockout victory.

You can watch the whole action again in the Main Event pay-per-view for $ 59.95 or watch it live at the same price on Kayo.

It was a fight that had everything.

Gallen simply had no answers for his fastest opponent, who was able to load shots from outside, while he stopped the former leader of the NSW State of Origin from getting up in his face and turning it into a slug party.

The 40-year-old has won huge battles with only toughness in the past – but it was not enough on Wednesday.

Terziewski is the Australian heavyweight champion and has the potential to face former champion Justis Huni in the future.

For Galen, it may be the end of the road.

“I felt a little tired in the middle laps … he won fairly,” Gallen said.

“I am always humble in victory and humble in defeat.

“There is a saying, age is invincible, it has caught me.

“You do not grow old between races, you grow old between rounds.

“I’m not going to make any decisions now (about my future). I just felt between these laps that I could not go as I usually do.

“I had a great time with the sport … we will see what happens next.”

Galen has not lost anything since becoming the first former footballer to win a national heavyweight title.

If nothing else, his legend has grown.

Rugby league commentator Dan Ginnane wrote on Twitter: “A win or a draw that should be for Gal. next 20 years “.

Code Sports’s boxing reporter Brendan Bradford wrote: “Say whatever you want about Gallen, but this guy is outrageously tough. He’s crazy.”

Sports journalist Todd Balym reported: “Paul Gallen admits his age finally caught up with him in boxing; four rounds later he won the crowd. Great battle. We have to respect his courage. The toughest man in Australian sport. But here comes the time to retire “. .

Round-round scores – Terzievski does a masterclass

Round 1 – Chris Terzievski shocked the Newcastle entertainment center by holding Paul Galen in the bay with some impressive blows to the body. Terzievski took advantage of a great opportunity to keep Gallen out.

Round 2 – Paul Gallen worked on the fight. The former NRL player had the best of the exchanges in the second round. A heavy right hook also landed.

Round 3 – Terzievski was able to control the fight and drove Galen out of his plan to come forward with a barrage of gunshots. Galen just has not found a way to get in the face of his opponent.

Round 4 – Terzievski is everywhere in Paul Gallen. The gangly southpaw has landed a flurry of body shots that appear to have removed steam from Gallen’s attack. Terzievski also landed with a clean left hand in the middle. Terzievski is booked for kicking the ball away after the whistle.

Round 5 – Paul Gallen could lose 5-0 as Kris Terzievski keeps shooting down the field. The gunshots appeared to have left Galen with almost nothing left in the tank. “He looks tired,” Australian boxing legend Jeff Fenech told the Main Event.

Round 6 – Paul Gallen seems to have no answers as Terzievski holds him out of his arms. Galen’s guard repeatedly fell due to fatigue. Jeff Fenech said: “He’s stuck in a rut right now. His legs are heavy. He’s tired.”

Round 7 – Terzievski is booked for a foul after a third boost for Gallen. Gallen has one of his best laps, but the lap could have gone any way. Ben Damon told the Main Event: “There were signs in this round that (Galen) could reach him.”

Round 8 – Galen is shocked. Galen is momentarily dumb but Terzievski can not take advantage of it. Terziewski also shows signs of extreme fatigue.

Round 9 – The crowd has gone mad as Galen pushes forward and throws a few shots. Terzievski was in trouble and was on swinging legs before surviving the bell. “Terzievski can hardly sit down,” said Ben Damon.

Round 10 – Galen chases his dancing opponent without much success. The last round is shocked by a series of glove failures for Terzievski with his tape being lost repeatedly. Australian legend Jeff Fenech said Terzievski should have deducted an extra point.

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The boxing world in awe of the “crazy” Gallen after the defeat

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