Tereora is kicked out of life insurance

Nadine Tererora, Chief Operating Officer of Partners Life, left the business nine months later to take over the role of CEO.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021 9:17 AM

Tereora has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Automobile Association.

She suddenly left Fidelity Life last May and a month later she schedule The role of the COO in Partners Life has been announced.

The appointment of AA follows the decision of current CEO Brian Gibbon to retire in January 2022 after leading AA for 30 years as the only CEO.

AA President Gary Stocker said Tereora has extensive and diverse leadership experience in the financial services industry, “making her one of the most innovative executives in the field.”

“When she was CEO of Asteron Life, a joint venture partner of AA Life Insurance, we have previously worked with her and valued her for many years.”

He describes it here as “the leader of extraordinary people.”

“She intuitively understands the importance of the service culture at the heart of AA and has a natural impetus for customer innovation,” he said.

“What’s great is that Nadine clearly shows that she wants to respect the special things of AA and is honored to lead the association into a new era,” said Stocker. ..

AA has 1.8 million members. Its activities are diverse, providing street support to more than 500,000 members each year, providing driver licensing services nationwide on behalf of Wakakotahi, and providing all forms of insurance to members.

The association also provides financial services, tourism services, expert advice and driver training at AA Auto Centers nationwide. All this has been achieved without increasing the 30-year annual fee, and most members receive more benefits and discounts than the cost of their subscription.

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Tereora is kicked out of life insurance

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