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Taskmaster: Famous faces complete nonsense tasks and are judged for them – what do you dislike? | Taskmaster

NSThere are many wonderful feelings of life here. Make your baby laugh. I know your parents are proud of you. I fall in love. But arguably one of the best feelings is when you find your favorite new TV show and realize that it already has a lot of seasons.

This blessed and rare event happened to me at the Show Taskmaster. This was originally a British show, with a series of “five comedians and celebrities set by his buddy (and show creator) Alex Horne to judge the comedian, a very tall task master. Complete the Task. Greg Davis.. It’s been a long time since the show, but it’s just getting on track.

No doubt the annoyance of some longtime enthusiastic fans (I don’t care), the first version I saw was new Zealand After visiting Taskmaster, my girlfriend in New Zealand (surprisingly) and getting stuck here. We liked it so much that we then started looking at the English version. Also, perhaps to the annoyance of some longtime enthusiastic fans (I don’t care), we started watching the British season out of order, based on the athlete (female) we first wanted to see.

One of the reasons Taskmaster Very good is also one of the reasons why it is difficult to explain deeply to people. That is, it’s very ridiculous. Tasks range from “making this coconut look like a businessman” to “bringing board games to life” to “throwing potatoes into a golf hole”. Sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it’s creative, sometimes it’s the best way to perform a task, and sometimes it’s a loophole-but it all comes down to the person doing the task. Joy is born from that. All of these contestants are professional and entertaining people and performers. I’ve seen them stand up in their natural habitats and appear on TV shows, radio and acting, but this is a completely different situation. How does Noel Fielding’s brain get under pressure and ignite when it’s tasked with “making an exotic sandwich”? How does Richard Ottoman “impress this mayor”? What does Sally Phillips do when a water cooler is told to “create a water cooler moment”? (Answer: Take a great video that she has a relationship with it.)

Greg Davis is perfect for the role of Taskmaster judge. Formidable, usually fair and overwhelmingly attractive. Photo: Channel 4

Given the same tasks that five very different people do under pressure, and seeing them approach it, you gain real insight into their minds. It’s often fascinating, sometimes amazing, and most often interesting. The tasks were pre-recorded at the Taskmaster’s home and facility a few months ago, and each episode shows the contestants and hosts watching the tasks together later in the studio. Seeing contestants celebrated by nailing a task, or seeing contestants completely confused about why they approached things in a particular way just a few months ago. Is almost the same as the taskmaster’s subsequent judgment. Davis is perfect in its role, formidable, usually fair and overwhelmingly attractive.

He is 100% devoted. That’s the main reason why the show works despite being so ridiculous. Everyone is committed. No one is too cool for it. Some of the best comedians in the world give it all, even when that “everything” is doing strange things with eggs and looks ridiculous. That doesn’t mean it’s monotonous. Because everyone can make a big difference in the presentation of commitments. Some are loud and expressive, while others are quiet and thoughtful. Only a few people are very annoying and yell at the screen (email the list).

I noticed that more and more people are talking about Taskmasters on social media. I’m not sure it’s become a popular blockade viewing, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I think funny and ridiculous comedy is the most that our brains can deal with during the tax period. The comedians have a great relationship and the hosts are loving, dynamic and full of gentle roasts. There is also the fact that the show is mainly held at the Taskmaster’s house. During this time, is it comforting to see others trapped in the house, trying to complete a nonsense task that has little to do with planning things, and enjoying it? It may not be straightforward, but I’m here to tell you it’s worth a try.

This was an article about why you need to look at the Taskmaster, but it also secretly explains how I set up the task once it’s done. I think New Zealand has proved that this formula can be successful elsewhere. Australia is now full of great comedians that are very accessible. It will definitely work, and it’s great, and also I should be hired to work on it. So your job is: Take my advice and watch the show, then join the Taskmaster Australia call. Your time begins now.

Taskmaster: Famous faces complete nonsense tasks and are judged for them – what do you dislike? | Taskmaster

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