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Iyou can travel time and time again and be released from a helicopter to the Titanic (James Bond like). The ship was full of steam rapidly approaching an iceberg in the distance. The passengers are celebrating the disaster that is coming, the captain and crew are even worse off. Your task is to avoid the ice and turn the ship, how do you accomplish the impossible?

Yes, it is not difficult if you are Alan Mulally and you have worked before (with Boeing after 911 at the time). Alan used his simple “Working Together” and “BPR” (Business Plan Review) systems to save Ford Motor Company from bankruptcy in 2008 as months passed. Of money. If it weren’t for Alan, there would be no Ford Rangers on our streets today! (Hybrid and Electric Rangers on the way)

When Bill Ford Jnr (Henry Ford’s great -grandson) invited Alan Mulally to join the company as CEO, Ford was in the process of filing a $ 12B loss. Within 3 years, the company’s assets were re -acquired in the acquisition of assets, paying all employees a US $ 8,800 bonus, to stop assets ranging from $ 1.01 and over to $ 18 per share. Even better, the number of employees increased from 42% to 91%.

I really enjoy reading “American Icon” to detail the story and read it like a professional thriller. This is an inspiring story for me because it shows that each and every major part of our team, if we can compare each other using the same principles and practices, then it can change.

Alan is passionate about the Dale Carnegies principles and we partnered with him to include his Working Together teachers in our senior leadership program, leadership for outcomes (next program 6th September in Cambridge)

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This Take Command podcast is an interview by Alan Mulally and Dale Carnegie’s CEO Joe Hart.

Take Order – Bay of Plenty Business News

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