T20 World Cup 2021 Prize Money


Runner-ups bring back $ 800,000 and lose $ 400,000 each if they lose semi-finalists

Anyone who holds the T20 World Cup Trophy in Dubai on November 14, 2021 will win a corresponding prize of US $ 1.6 million. This was confirmed when the ICC released a list of tournament prizes (totaling US $ 5.6 million) on Sunday. The losing finalist earns $ 800,000 and the two losing semi-finalists each earn $ 400,000.

Each time you win the Super 12 stages of the tournament, your team will earn $ 40,000. The Super 12 game will be played 30 times with a total prize pool of $ 1.2 million. Teams participating at this stage of the tournament (8 teams in total) will each earn $ 70,000.

Winning Round 1 of the tournament (12 games in total) will earn $ 40,000 per piece, and each of the four teams that do not reach Super 12 will earn $ 40,000.

Starting October 17, eight teams from Ireland, Namibia, the Netherlands, Sri Lanka (all in Group A), Oman, Papua New Guinea, Scotland and Bangladesh (Group B) will be competing in the first round. The top two teams from Group A and Group B make Super 12. Australia, England, South Africa, West Indies (Group 1), Afghanistan, India, New Zealand and Pakistan (Group 2) are already in Super 12.

All innings to break a drink
The ICC also announced that the tournament will feature an official drink break, a two-and-a-half-minute break of play with 10 overmarks in each inning.

United Arab Emirates weather may have influenced this decision. The worst summer is over, and although temperatures in November are expected to be relatively comfortable, the country is still transitioning to a cooler period.

T20 World Cup 2021 Prize Money

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