Symonds learned Warne’s secret before he died

Shane Warne never had a chance to put his offer to Andrew Symonds – but a revelation about how much Spin King valued his former teammate shows exactly why his death is so painful for the cricket world.

Tributes have flooded in as people pay tribute to the man Symonds and the cricketer Symonds, following his death Saturday night in a car crash outside Townsville.

He was a terrific and incredible player, but many of the stories shared after the tragedy focused on how loyal and genuine Simonts was as a friend.

A story from Aussie Test legend Adam Gilchrist sheds light on how high Symonds received from Warne, who offered the job to the London Spirit coaching staff for The Hundred competition in England.

Warne – who was appointed head coach of the franchise before he died of a heart attack in Thailand in March – wanted to bring in Symonds and former Victorian wicketkeeper Darren Berry.

What Symonds did not know until recently was that Warne had planned to pay the versatile out of his own pocket because Spirit had no room for extra help in his budget.

“I spent the night with Roy at Warnie’s big farewell – and the next morning with Roy, which usually happened,” Gilchrist told Triple M Rush Hour with JB and Billy.

“He was so upset with the loss of Warnie. Everyone was and is surprised.

“But one little thing Roy was telling me just last week – Warnie was talking about being forced to become an assistant coach at the London Spirit competition at The Hundred in England.

“And just a few weeks ago, Roy discovered that there was no budget for him. There was nothing substantiated about setting up the London Spirit.

“Warnie did this of his own free will and would pay Roy the salary he would get because he was there and Roy could not believe it.

“This sense of friendship and companionship was all that Roy built all his life, trust and faith.

“We are here a few days after he told me this story, he disappeared.

“He was faithful to a mistake, he really was.”

Andrew Symonds and Shane Warne in 2006. Photo / Getty

Analyzing how the cricket world reacted to Symonds’s tragic death, Gilchrist added to Triple M:

“It only concerned him and his warmth and his humility and he just cared about everyone else.

“Gray made you laugh. He was just an absolute cracker, of course a funny guy who didn’t even know he did it half the time.”

Symonds and Warne were great companions as they got even closer to retirement as they shared the comment box on Fox Sports.

Speaking after the shock death of the leg-spin legend, Symonds told Fox: “My friendship with Shane has grown and grown over the years and he has been so generous with me. I have had some difficult times and I would call him if I did not. he accepted the phone call and called me directly.

“I’ve done a lot of (commentary) work with him over the last three years and he just recently called me – probably 10 days (before Warne died) and I was home getting ready to go fishing. And he said, ‘I have some good news for you, Roy.

“Remember how we talked about this training issue for the London Spirit? He said, “I have your job.”

“And I was really looking forward to going to coach Shane Warne. No. 1 to see how it went and then obviously to find out.

“He said, ‘Do you want to dip your finger in the water with training?’ You seem to know the game very well and you describe things to me very well, so would you like to give it a go? “

“Well, after that, this opportunity arose and unfortunately I will not be able to live it with him.”

Symonds learned Warne’s secret before he died

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