Successful gardening night class

EIT Free New Zealand Certificate Night Class in Horticulture [Level 3] (General) has proven to be very popular with working professionals who want to turn their passion for plants into expertise.

During this semester, some students enrolled to qualify for a plant breeding course.

EIT Gardening Tutor Gerald Henry works in a nursery school on the Hawke’s Bay Campus and runs a New Zealand Gardening Certificate (General) night class.

Tutor Gerald Henry says the class is made up of people from different careers, but all have a passion for plants.

“They are all quite motivated to grow plants at home, and many of them have a keen interest in indoor plants. This is very popular now. They are a variety of plants. We entered the course in anticipation of, so we incorporated native plants into the course. “

“We are based in a nursery, a potted hut that we set up as a classroom.”

According to Gerald, the course is modeled on what full-time students do during the day and is “very practical,” allowing students to sow, remove seeds, and remove cuttings. , Learning various techniques of vegetative propagation.

“They are a cohort with a different taste than regular daytime students, so it’s very important to get together and learn about what they enjoy and love.”

He seeks to give students diversity in recent sessions, including working in the laboratory.

“We were in the lab, doing micropropagation, cutting and sterilizing the leaves and putting them in Petri dishes. We are trying to reveal what our students can’t do at home. “

Gerard, who has worked at EIT for 12 years, states that the program consists of a mix of hands-on and theoretical work. The theory component requires students to submit a treatise for written evaluation.

He states that the propagation part of the program is just the beginning and hopes that students will complete the remaining three courses in plant science, growth systems, and plant health and obtain a certificate. I will.

Program coordinator Jackie Lynch says the evening class is very successful.

“From 5 pm to 8 pm on Tuesday, July 20, we will discuss the internal mechanics of plants, their growth, structure and growth process, as well as the identification of plants, including their names, in the next semester. We plan to do it again. “

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Successful gardening night class

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