Strictly professional Giovanni Pernies and Maura Higgins relationship timeline

Photo-friendly pairs have been items since at least June (Photo: Instagram / maurahiggins)

In front of the Giovanni Pernis Take me to the floor Strictly come to dance 2021 With his celebrity partner tonight, Eastenders actress Rose Eyring Ellis, The other leading actress of the dancer sent him a message of good luck.

Love island Star Maura Higgins I took her to her Instagram story and shared and commented on photos of Rose and Giovanni in glittering outfits. [sic] Tonight … I know you will definitely break it @ rose.ae @ giovannipernice1.

Maura and Giovanni became items early this summer and have grown stronger since then, but how did their burning romance come about?

pair Rumors of a date that first sparked After sharing videos and photos of Italy’s 2-1 victory over Austria in the June Euro 2020 match at Wembley Stadium.

Eagle Eye fans have noticed that their location is very similar. There was also the fact that the photo of Geo he posted was taken by someone else.

Maura had Recently broke up with ex-boyfriend Chris Taylor at this stage, but no rumors of a relationship between her and the 31-year-old strictly professional Giovanni have been confirmed.

Giovanni’s photo at the Euro 2020 match was clearly taken by someone else (Photo: Instagram / pernicegiovann1)
Maura was discovered at the Blackpool at Giovanni show, but things haven’t been confirmed yet (Photo: Rex).

But when GlowUp Ireland hosted Maura, they continued to instigate the flames of gossip. Attend the opening night Anton de Bake in Blackpool in early July, Giovanni’s new show scrutinizing him and me, enjoying a ride on Blackpool Pleasure Beach through a friend’s Instagram story. Was seen.

At that time, sources MailOnline Said:’Giovanni was so excited that Maura was in the audience for his opening night-and she loved to see him in action.

“Giovanni is working, but it seemed like a short break to them, but they were staying at the Big Blue Hotel in Blackpool and it was a fun experience.”

The publication previously reported that the two were “early” in the relationship after they both stayed at the same Cornwall hotel in front of Blackpool.

Maura’s cheeky girlfriend and Giovanni’s soft launch (Photo: Instagram)

Then the new couple snapped together for the first time at the afterparty, Very “comfortable to touch” To each other so that different insiders share MailOnline That pair “Very couple” And “I got really close”.

Maura then made fun of her followers With soft launch Regarding her relationship with Geo, she exhibited and shared a photo of her holding hands with an unidentified man in a sharp Navy suit.

But the next day, the cat was out of the bag The couple officially debuted their romance On Instagram on July 9th, Maura posted a photo of herself snuggling up to the dancer with the caption “I’m yours” and the red love heart emoji.

Giovanni’s presentation photo (Photo: Instagram / pernicegiovann1)

Giovanni, a longing boyfriend, shared the same captions, but shared a photo of an equally adorable couple on his Instagram account. As such, Miovanni was open to the public.

Since then we have loved Swimming pool photo,Swanky Stay at Shangri-La Hotel In the shard London, And a heartfelt message from Maura On her boyfriend’s birthday In September she professed:’You perfect my world. I love you. ‘

One of the photos of some of their gorgeous couples (Photo: Instagram / pernicegiovann1)

Giovanni will be joined by former flame Katie McGlynn as the stars begin their first spin on the Strictly dance floor tonight (Saturday, September 25).

But collie star Reassured Maura When it comes to her and Geo’s shared past, or the so-called “strict curse,” it means “nothing to worry about.”

“Giovanni is a really nice person, but I don’t really know him. We are in perfect condition, but Maura has nothing to worry about,” she said. Sun..

Rose and Giovanni are strictly paired this year (Photo: PA)

“I never get involved with someone who has a girlfriend. I understand that it happens, but I want to avoid it like a plague. If someone has a partner, they Is completely off limits.

Giovanni and Rose Eiling Ellis are now one of 2021’s favorites, and professional dancers have declared this year to be the year he thinks he can. Finally win the show After many appearances in previous finals with contestants such as Debbie Maggie, Faye Tozer, and former girlfriend Georgia May Foot.

There will be a strictly dance broadcast on BBC One Saturday at 7pm.

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Strictly professional Giovanni Pernies and Maura Higgins relationship timeline

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