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Minister of Arts and Cultural Heritage Carmel Seproni today announced the start of the first round of Ngā Puninga Toiā-Ahuramengā Kaupapa cultural installations and events. “Creating jobs and helping the arts sector rebuild and recover continue to be an important part of the government’s response to COVID-19,” says Carmel Sepuloni. “Today’s announcement focuses on stimulating creativity and culture by giving everyone access and enjoyment of artistic and cultural experiences in their daily lives.” It’s a great opportunity to showcase a variety of creative and cultural content, such as ngātoi Māori, Pasifika art, Aotearoa as a whole, especially cultural installations and collaborations at events outside the main center. Or an organization can apply for funding to create an event or temporary or permanent installation. They are free for people to attend or experience and culture to the people of our community. And must bring creativity and easy access to spaces such as parks, community hubs, shopping malls, malae, churches, or waterfronts. “We are led by Maori and Pacific Cultural Department organizations and practitioners. We prioritize projects and look forward to expressing our culture in different ways and places. For example, a Pacific dance event or a beach weaving demonstration encourages people to participate. A heritage collection shared by the Community Library. Or an installation of visual arts throughout the town or city. “Supporting access for people with disabilities, providing opportunities for emerging and established cultural practitioners to develop skills, and local communities. Projects that create jobs in the project are also prioritized. “This initiative ensures that resources are sourced from within Aotearoa and that the practitioners involved in the project are paid fairly to Mahi. It also underscores the funding of a $ 4 million budget 2020 to raise the level of compensation for those working in the sector through fairer wage initiatives for artists and artists. The cultural sector is full of people with incredible creativity and talent, and I look forward to seeing some of the work supported by this initiative, “said Carmel Seproni. This initiative is part of the $ 70 million Te Tahua Whakahaumaru Creative Arts Recovery and Employment (CARE) Fund within the Manatuta Onga Arts and Culture COVID Recovery Program. The CARE Foundation aims to create employment and training opportunities, ensure that important skills, talents and creative infrastructure are not lost, and maintain and expand public access to creative and cultural experiences. I am aiming for it. End Media contacts: Kieran Meredith, 021 817 570 More information There will be two rounds of cultural installations and event funding in 2021. This first round covers applications from $ 1,000 to $ 20,000. This round is open for applications from April 9, 2021 to May 7, 2021.・ The second round is scheduled to start in late August with applications of up to $ 100,000. In a session on Wednesday, April 14, 2021, we will ask about the funding and application process.・ Information to support this paralysis is available. Manatutaonga website..There is also more information on other initiatives Care fund..・ People can Apply For the latest funding information, see the Manatuta Onga Arts and Culture COVID Recovery Program Newsletter.

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Stimulate creativity through cultural installations and events |

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